Well m405 (mrt) or well m406(CQB)

Hi guys I wanted to get one of these blaster but I don’t know which to pick as I’ve received some negative feedback from my friend about both of the blaster

I have both, they are performing well so far. They blast the same, accuracy same, fps is same around 230 for both.


Hey mate, I’ve got both and had them for about 2 months now. Yet to have any issues with them so far, and have used them at the field and also blasted away in the back yard.
All up I’d say I’ve put around 20k gel balls through each of them.

Id be interested with the negatives your friends have about them, just incase there’s something I need to look out for.

Current wells are hit and miss from the factory, had a gear box strip itself halfway through the 3rd mag I put through it, so maybe the 300 ball mark. What I was told was it seems the factory either has new techs or skipping QC, but that could explain some complaints.
I imagine if you had them for 2months you would of got a good batch that hasn’t been rushed.

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That sucks about the gear box.
I think QC with any make of blaster unless they are top shelf isn’t done, had a SKD G18 and kept crapping out all the time. Ended up being the Micro board, went through three of them, but my mates G18 that we bought at the same time, no dramas at all.
I guess that’s why the shops put only a 30 day warranty on them :smile:

My friends m405 has a malfunctioning fire selector plate

Yo bro do you have a accuracy testing vid?

Sorry mate no video of a test.
It’s good out to 15m, what you’re aiming at is what you hit. 15-20m you’re starting to lob them more than aiming to hit. After that it’s more of an artillery piece :joy:


No vid sorry mate and can’t do one atm.

As Duncan mentions accuracy is spot on to 15m.

I’ve fitted a 3k hopup which extended things to 20m. Waiting on parts to improve things further.

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Those 3k hop ups look pretty cool.
How do you find them ?

They are really good I am impressed. Definitely tightened grouping up and extended range by a surprising amount. Fit and finish for a printed part is best I’ve seen so far. Better than DK.

It must have some bottom hop (only top plate adjustable) as there is not as much downward push like I’ve experienced on a DK.

That’s for a wells CQB type. I am going to try some of their fixed 12mm Hopups see how they go.


Well I’ll be danged, opened up my order from 3K for various other parts and a Hopup rolled out separately. wtf I didn’t order that and how the hell they know I got an MRT!
Fits and functions nice, the grey colour looks great too. Thanks 3K!