Well or Cyma full metal

Been looking at both well m4 MkII and Cyma ar15 both in full metal, have read that Cyma got good v2 gear box and the upgrade down the track is easy as well, what you guy’s opinion? And also does anyone know that KUBLAI METAL MAG fit in Cyma ar15 without any issue?
Thanks heaps guys

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Yes I use Kublai mag in my cyma

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They’re both good solid blasters. If your mates use LDT HK416s or Gen8/Gen9 blasters then it’s easier to make the Cyma compatible with the magazines those blasters use than it is the Wells (if you care about that - I’d just use the Cyma/Kublai mags myself…)

I’d disagree that the Cyma upgrade path is necessarily easy based on my experience with the Cyma nylon box, but they may have fixed that with the metal box? Specifically, getting things to work with LDT T-piece and nozzle was a pain (it works just by slapping it all together, but getting it consistent and with no leaks is a process that I’m still going through). If the metal box has a decent nozzle, then I’d stick with using that and the Cyma T-pieces.

I haven’t pulled apart a wells since the old clear receiver days, so I wouldn’t want to comment on the upgrade path for those nowadays.

I own an atomic armoury m4 cqb. Theyre basically a rebranded wells.

First thing I did was strip it and test all seals/check shimming, inspect the cast quality etc…

It was pretty much faultless (all I did was add abit more glue to the cylinder head).

The only thing is that it wasn’t radiused, but that’s pretty standard. (Although I think the cyma metal box now is)…

Sting ops sell all these models and are knowledgeable and will reply to your messages. I recommend talking to them.

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Cyma hands down. Check out the other threads. There’s a few of us who have both cyma and wells tear down threads on here. With lots of useful information

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