Wells 1911 (G191?) Magazine issues

Hi all,

Just received my first GBB - - I think my gbb g191 from the magazines I’ve seen on the net.
Having issues with the magazine spring.

Each time I shoot there’s more than 1 gel comes out (which isn’t fast coming out of the barrel) and some fly out where the hole on the slide when it slides back.

No gas leak and I’m guessing the magazine spring is too strong?

Anyone experience a similar issue? Is there a retailer where I can buy a weaker spring?

What gels you using and have you measured them?

I’m using the alpha kings. I haven’t measured them though.

7-8mm - as per pack

If I have to get the gels a certain size and weight then that would ruin the fun of this pistol

I had the same issue and resolved it this way.

Boil some water, fill a cup, immerse the just the top of the mag so that the lips heat up. Wait a minute or two.

Remove and squeeze the lips together using a rag or shirt so you dont burn your fingers.

This will close them up slightly. If they are too tight you will be cutting gels in half. If that happens you can lightly spread the lips with your finger, no need to heat them again.

If you are skilled enough you can check this by removing the barrel, refitting the slide and a mag full of gels, then cycle it as if it is shooting. Check the gels for damage and adjust as needed.

This worked mint for mine, no gels pop out the breech anymore.

Cheers, Api


I’ll give that a go.


Cheers it worked!

Also, watched this clip on YouTube to help me. “Tuning mag feedlips on gbb gel blaster pistol”

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Awesome buddy, I’m glad it helped!