Wells APS v2 gearbox :)

Hey everybody I’m new here and relatively new to blasting. However I’ve always been interested in airsoft although we don’t play here in Australia and had been paintballing many times prior to my newfound hobby. I currently own 5 blasters… All of them are stock except for the he acr which has ana alloy barrel its a piece of junk imo, and the Wells has just been upgraded to an APS v2 silver edge gearbox, purchased from Chainsaw Products… Awsome store by the way good for heaps of different upgrade parts


On a side note I’m wondering if anybody in the know would be able to tell me if a v2 gearbox will fit into a JM acr?

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hey mate welcome to gbf always good to see newcomers join the group. in regards to your question with the JM gen-10 I know it’s a V2 style gearbox and the Airsoft SHS V2 metal gearbox fits in the gen-10 so I’m pretty sure the APS will aswell being a V2 gearbox too. hope that helps. ive bought couple mods from chainsaw their pretty good.

Hey mate cheers for the welcome :slight_smile: I thought that it would due to some similarities however I’ve abandoned the idea and am just gonna throw the aps into an slr receiver, I think that’s wisest, but cheees for the input it’s good to confirm.

I’ve got another APS and an ACR to call home. I’ll do my best at documenting the journey. I saw others dropping it in and love that blaster so figured bring on the headache!

@BigWeetBix nice bro pls do I’ll be really keen to see it, love the acr I think it’s currently probably the best quality blaster on the market and running an aps or similar in one would be absolute magic. It’s definitely the best feeling blaster imo

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Also just got my vector back this morning and I’ll be ripping into that at some stage soon so I’ll ad some pics of that

I find that half the fun of gelsoft. tinkering around with new mods trying to find the right way to get it to work

well for me that’s always the case

Agreed that’s what it’s all about.
Did just install the metal blackout kit on my vector all the internals are stock at the moment except I chucked a 1.3 spring in. Will do gearbox and all that eventually just waiting on parr’s story of my life :smiley:

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your preaching to the choir. Ive made a list of Airsoft parts and mods to give to the next friend or relative who goes to USA for holiday and have them bring it back. legally ofcouse it’s only due to price and duratiom of waiting for it to arrive. I’m even doing so