Wells cylinder and cylinder head

My cylinder keeps sliding back off of the pistin about 2 mm on my wells and wells cqb, to the poi t u can start to see the o ring on the piston head, i useing the standard wells cylinder and i know this cylinder is about 2 mm smaler that slot. i put the metal head on both, juat seeing if anyone else has had the same issuse, guess i just worrying about it leaking

noticed the movement but didn’t worry about it

More PTFE or if you are really committed

Glue it in with some PU glue

My wells slid back around 1mm to just before the first oring, but it’s got a double oring head on it! Have you measured the length of the cylinder? Maybe it’s too short! I’ve bought a few that were shorter than meant to be!

Ut the standard cylinder

I only changes the piston head

Measure it up maybe it’s 2 mm too short!
If it doesn’t go past and expose the oring it shouldn’t be a problem! Plumbers tape and works wonders I put a wrap on all heads I fit just to be sure!

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Where did you get the double oring from? Struggling to find one for the wells

It actually came standard with it! It come from M4a1 so try them is suggest!