Wells G36C Motor

Hi all,
My son has a Wells G36C V2 - great blaster, but he’s managed to bend a gear tooth on the first gear that contacts with the motor pinion gear. It looks like they have a special pinion gear on that motor, and the motor shaft it very small and the motor seems pretty low-grade. I’d like to replace the motor (and obviously the pinion gear) but the motor sits in a special housing and so I can’t just throw any motor I’d like in there as it wouldn’t fit. Has anyone ever replaced a motor in a Wells G36C? If so, what motor did you go for?


I have the N-Well G36 V2 also. The motor is a Mabuchi RS360.from my searching. I modded the plunger etc and also damaged the primary sprocket that connects with the pinion. Purchased a new gearbox complete with motor for $28, including shipping from Monkeymods.com in Malaysia.

I think you got autocorrected… Www.Monkeemods.com

You can use the gears and 460 motor from a GEN8 . You will need a new motor mount , Chainsaw sells these for $15 . The gears are a straight swap but you will need to dremel out the support ridges inside the handgrip to accomodate the larger motor.
With no other changes (staying with 7.4v etc.) you will gain a slight increase in ROF and a big increase in reliability if you have increased the piston spring over the original 1.3 factory unit.