Wells m4 APS V2

Mods not finished yet. But here’s what dropping an APS box into the Wells looks like.

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Nice work! Mind sharing your shopping list that’s needed to drop this box into the Wells M4.

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Just a mag block, you’ll need to open the box to wire the mag terminals but apart from that it’s a straight swap

Looks like a worthy investment for the wells then!

so no receiver mods at all then?

I’ve seen a few now that have swapped out the grip too.

No mate it’s a straight swap

Hi mate do you have a photo of what it looks like with the wells mag contact attached and does it just bolt up to the gearbox or do you have to do something to make it fit?

Sweet man. Has anyone tried one of these APS gearbox’s in a Gen 9 or BD556 receiver?

I’ll do up a DIY and post it up here shortly.

Hey mate yoe end up doing a diy write up on the aps gearbox?

Happening right now!

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What a bloke cheers bud :ok_hand::ok_hand::call_me_hand:

Been eyeing this set up off for a couple of weeks now so keen to see how it goes.

Sorry for the delay ya’ll. Finally got around to putting words to the pics…

It has a full auto and semi-auto switch and a fully adjustable sight with amazing accuracy in single fire mode.