Wells M4 CQB LDT LDX Problem

Hi first time posting long time reader.
I just finished building a metal wells M4 CQB.
It shots fine for awhile but when it’s on semi it will sometimes switch to safe by itself.
Then I have to move the selector back and forth to start firing again pulled it apart again but still happens.
Just wondering if anyone would know what the problem might be thanks.
I’ve only done a couple mods
Basic LDT LDX box
Ausgel 1.18 spring
Green oring
SS 60% cylinder
SS 7.3 25cm inner barrel
Universal outer barrel and adapter

Maybe the switch is loose and vibrations are shaking it onto safe. I’m not an expert, just a suggestion?

Hi thanks I think I know the problem.
On the new gearbox it only has one hole for the small pin that goes through the receiver.
There’s no hole on the other side of the box so I can’t put the pin through.
I would post a photo but for some reason I can’t
Should I just try to drill it out?

I’d be more inclined to believe your gearbox isn’t aligned correctly. Than it’s missing a hole. Undo your pistol grip. Put the receiver pin in. Then do you your pistol grip screws.

It’s possible it may fix your other issue too

I had bought a ldx basic and it had tape on one of the sides covering that hole, check that there isn’t blue tape on it

Happy Birthday! or cakeday? idk but happy one of them.


Yeah there was no tape it was just filled in with paint.
Slowly drilled it out and got the pin in and it’s firing fine.
Now I can finally start on the external mods and finish it off.
Thanks for the help.

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Heeey thanks!