Wells m401 handguard

I would like to get a Midwest industries handguard for my wells but it takes threaded adaptors only. And to install said adapters I will need to cut into my receiver to fit it in. I don’t trust myself to do that and dont want to pay some store to do it for me because they will charge more than necessary for it to be done. Is there any compatible adapters that don’t require cutting?

Do you have the clear receiver or the black one?

I fitted the 12" version of that particular handguard to my nylon v3 receiver before I replaced it with the metal receiver with no issues

I have the clear receiver one but I’m not sure what version my blaster is but I got it from tactical Edge late October early November. But mine works with a delta ring so idk how t would be able to put it on

Thanks for the reply, as it doesn’t have a proper front end to put on a handguard like that you need to buy an adapter, cut up the reciever and then fit it allowing this to happen.

There is a video on pulling apart.

The part you need. This will require some work to get done, otherwise you could by a replacement receiver and swap everything over.

If you want to replace the buffer tube you will need this part aswel.

Depending on how far you want to go I would almost recommend going to m4a1 and buying one of the new models and do the work you want on it.

True I may consider a new receiver but the m4a1 isn’t my cup of tea plus getting a new blaster is about 150 more than this project is gonna be but thanks for the help :+1: