Wells m401 spring retainer issue

So after discovering this site after an unfortunate accident with my m401 turns out the spring retainer on mine had flew out into the stock and striped the wires for the battery causing them to bridge and go up into smoke so yeah after finding this forum I’m not sure what to do about wires and if there’s a much safer place to route them any tips would be helpful or if there’s a spring retainer fix so it wouldn’t shoot out its running all stock btw as I’m fairly new to this

first day, first squirt…same issue.

its a very common gotcha with the wells but easily enough dealt with.

i usually apply liberal heatshrink over the affected areas and reinstall.

fixing the issue:

  • different spring retainer with a bearing
  • longer spring
  • both…but as an interim you can stretch the existing one but its not advised unless you run the leads differently.
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I had the same problem shot 1 mag and bang. I took mine back to were I bought it and he replaced the spring which fixed the problem of the retainer coming loose and popping out . It didn’t strip my wires though. If it’s still in the 30 days I’d take it back for them to sort out .
Mine has a few upgrades since and its had no other problems .

Well this all happened on the day I got it so I’ve shipped it back under warranty to get a replacement, I’ve looked into spring retainers having a hard time finding places in-stock with the bearing variation, and I’m not to sure on what spring to put into the blaster and what other upgrades I should do as I’m not very knowledgeable on anything gel ball related and there seems to be so many options out there, that it can be very overwhelming to figure out what will work and what won’t so any help in that department would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve learnt everything from reading on here . In mine I’ve got a 1.18 unequal spring , it’s longer than the original and apparently the unequal spring puts less stress on the gears. And I changed the head and nozzle to a alloy one and piston seal plus a hop up.It made a big difference, I did go to 11.1v but changed back to 7.4 because it shot more accurate on the 7.4 .
Just keep reading different posts and you’ll get a basic idea ,but just getting the air seals good is a place to start. And check out you tube there’s vidios on it too, look for low guido I think his name is


That’s the difference from std spring to the 1.18 ausgel spring, so it gives you a bit more oompf


That’s the old cylinder head and nozzle which I changed to alloy . It goes at the end of receiver . But to change that it has to come fully apart which was pretty scary first time . Some stores will do it for a fee

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All right Cheers for that I’ve checked out low Guido’s videos on the m401 amazing recommendation on that, learned way to much on blaster upgrades might just stick to changing the spring to the 1.18 unequal and getting a spring bearing retainer for my first upgrades as once I’m a bit more comfortable with the blaster might do the cylinder head and nozel replacement and maybe the metal gear upgrade kit I found on low Guido’s video on the wells m401

Yeah it seems pretty daunting the first time, I had the trigger and spring pop out plus the anti reverse latch. Only because I had a spare gearbox to look at that got it back together. And you have to have the gear for the Piston lined up correctly too.
I’ve only had mine apart 3 times now but I feel a lot less stressed about doing it :persevere: