Wells magazines?

Hey Blaster’s,
My question is what magazines fit wells blasters, more specifically the new metal blasters, I have the new homey badger but while I love the fit and finish (minus that shit handguard at the front) I hate the plastic mags for it, you go from nice fit and finish to cheap.
Before I go buy a heap of new cheap feeling wells mags is there anything else out there that fits, don’t care if I have to get a T piece.
I appreciate any help or advice in advance

My understanding is that the electrical contacts are also in a different place compared to the JinMing ones, which seem to be the default standard for non-Wells blasters. Not sure how easy it would be to fit JM style contacts to your blaster, and you’d need a different T piece (and probably need to cut it down as well).

If you do find a way to do it, both the LDT and Kublai metal mags do feel good in the hand…

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The funny thing is changing the terminal location is remarkably easy, remove them from their slot, glue in a plastic strip and attach the terminals again.
I only know this because I saw one changed like this to fix a mag power issue due to a iffy connection

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So you’re happy with the honeybadger?
I’ve been back to M4A1 twice now and had a play and a good look have you found any faults etc?

The badgers been great, I had the pinion strip right out of the box but they replaced that and been great since, I’ve put a longer barrel kit and 7.3mm tight bore barrel.
I absolutely hated the handguard’s colour, I would rip it off and and spray it or just replace it all together.