What am I doing wrong here?

My alpha is the 74MS. Putting it back together yesterday, I can’t seem to get the cocking handle section to fully close. I’m sure it did previously.

Anyone who has one, is that 40mm distance between the clip at the back of the spring and the rear of the nylon section the same on yours? The nylon piece that gets pulled back by the piston is as far forward as it can go, up against the rear of the cylinder.

This pic is with the gap at front closed. See how the nylon piece now sits up on the cylinder.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I haven’t looked at an Alpha king but if it’s the same as the RX the bolt plate needs to go in front of the little switch to sit down properly and its a complete pita to do !

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i use a metal skewer to achieve this…4 hands, 2 goats and some foul language…

its a process you get good at but it still takes some dexterity


Lol like Kamasutara especially with the 2 goats :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t know what an RX looks like inside, but the plate that holds down the t-piece screwed down okay. It can be a pain to get into place properly. Will pull it back out, see if something is out of place.

I’ve tackled three-handed jobs (not very well though). Foul language - no problem there. The goats? The neighbours would probably report me to the RSPCA :grin:

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You know where I am if you need a hand , your welcome anytime :+1:

look to the bottom left corner of the plate recess as you look at it side on.

there is a fiddly pant fff switch in this area that the rx uses as mag prime / trigger live

the other thing i noticed with my rx is that if the linkage on the weight, top down left front isn’t free or the arm its connected to is gummed up…it’ll do that breach open looking thing. thats an alignment issue.

Thanks for the replies mate.
I have just looked at a video of someone assembling an RX, and it is nothing like the Alpha King.

That plate with the 4 screws in front of the gearbox locks the t-piece in place.

View from the bottom.

The blowback/recoil spring setup on the RX looks to be actually attached to the top of the gearbox from what I saw. This is the Alpha King spring setup. It also doesn’t have the recoil feature.

Thanks, I probably will bring it over. I’ll give you a call first.

That black notch needs to sit in the slot of the piston, won’t always be in the same place when fired on return hence why the plate won’t go all the way up when putting it back together it could be anywhere along the rail.

Thanks for the reply Luke.
My spring is assembled just the same as yours.
As for the plate notch, it is sitting in the gap in the gearbox, just behind the cylinder. The piston is forward at present, so it’s not touching the notch at all.

Edit: Just had a thought. Does the cylinder have a cut-out at the rear? I had the gearbox apart to check the o-ring seal, and can’t remember if if did. Maybe I’ve put it back in upside down :thinking:
So now the notch can’t push into the cylinder and connect with the piston. Which would also mean the plate can’t travel completely forward.
Ah well I know what I’m doing tomorrow.

Yeah it’s a slotted cylinder (about an inch) and piston (about half way through), from the photos it looks like you just need to pull it back and slide it, I’m not entirely sure but I think you can’t put the cylinder in upside down from memory

Comparing them it looks like your right, your cylinder is upside down

Yes, it certainly was. Put it back in with the recess facing up, and it’s working properly again.
Thanks for your help, your mention of the tail on the plate pushing up against the piston finally turned on the dim light bulb in my brain, and I realized what the problem was.

Mate, if something can be stuffed up, I’m the one to do it :cry:

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Without this forum I wouldn’t have any blaster working :joy: your not alone haha