What are current laws?

any one know the current laws im pretty confused are they legal or not at the moment or is it just a grey area ?

Unfortunately, gel blasters in NSW are very much illegal to possess, just like in Vic.
The only two states where they are 100% legal are SA & QLD.

Actually, 100% illegal in NSW, however in Vic, gel blasters are not illegal. Only things that can reasonably mistaken for a firearm are illegal in Vic.

So if you put a gelblaster gearbox in a nerf in Vic, it’s legal.
Or make your gelblaster look like some sort of scifi thing in Vic it’s legal.
In NSW those two would still be illegal.


From my understanding NSW even labels gel balls as ammo which no where else does.

Makes you wonder how florists manage over there.


you mentioned ■■■■ and Roses?
Mahaha the forums don’t like their naughty name
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Great band but on this subject I prefer Kirchhoff.