What are the internals of a SAW M249?

So, I accidentally ordered an LH Saw M249… I thought it was a great price at about $90… after I ordered it, I realised I bought the kids size, not adult size… but according to dimensions, it looks about the same size?

I am wondering what the internals are? What gearbox, motor etc… can they be upgraded like the others?

Has anyone got one? What are they like?

Any reviews?

I can’t help you but I see it comes with oil and a fry pan , so at least you will be able to make a meal with that :rofl:

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The oil can is a (fuel can) speed loader and the fry pan is a little plastic plate for a target.

We bought a kids version gun for a nephew and they are very cheap, obviously, for the price you pay. If it’s not sent I would get it swapped or send it back and trade it up for the one you want.

You WILL be able to tell the difference. The fps is 50% - 75% of the ‘adult’ guns and the gun details are very low.

Thanks…if it is only 140 fps when it gets here… it wont be for long… once I find out what the internals are, I will have it up around 280 fps at least…

even if I have to shoe horn a metal gear gen 8 box into it… :grin:

Had a look at one of these today at the skirmish.
Very light weight and easily broken plastic.
Didn’t get to see inside so I don’t know weather its upgradeable or not.

It will be here tomorrow… I will shoehorn something into it to make it howl :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you go at the game? How many times did you get killed?

We played from 9am till 4pm and I reckon I got killed 20 or 30 times lol
There was around 50 players and it wasn’t a huge area, but it was really good.

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if its a v3 m249 it has a gen box as standard

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Hopefully the kids size one is just the same box, with a really weak spring…

will know tomorrow

I opened it up… it is just a toy by the looks of it… not much chop…:face_with_monocle:

It does look like a gen 8 box might fit in it… will wait and see :thinking:

Can’t leave it like it is… naturally.

I have put it back together stock, so I can chrono it… then make it into a monster :grin:

The pics show the little gearbox… the barrel is only 100mm or so… then it goes into a150mm black pipe… first thing will be a longer barrel…

I like the look of it… and big mag … just need it to go hard…

Personally I think you will be throwing good money after bad.
Use it for what it is and put the money towards something worthwhile :thinking:

I am a black belt…

At throwing good money after bad… it is my hobby and favorite passtime…:sweat_smile:

If it were an Olympic sport… I would win every time :+1: