What are the Matt gels?

Back in the day when our mate GalapogosJ was giving us his 10 years of GB knowledge, he was talking about Matt gels and how good they are. Now I see in the odd review, (latest being the JY MRS40) these are again being mentioned. They are like a sandblasted gel ball, rough-textured finish and not slippery smooth like we have now. They seem to be more accurate and with better range, I guess like the principles of the dimples on golf balls.

So, are they available in Australia? While on the quest for knowledge, is green the only tracer colour we can get? why not red as well, this is more of a general throw it out there question.


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Normally AKA’s and Armourtech Ultras are refered to as matt gels because the had a matt opaque look as opposed to white gloss gels


Oh, so they are available here then but not advertised as a matt gel?

I thought they were the gels that hit Matt… noidea shoot Cartmanbeefcake


For a while there was a problem with branding here so the just called the AKA’s matt gels


They do look cool in the seive with that matt look about 'em.

I’m just sorry I didn’t get a chance to download GJs vids before the fun police shut him down.

Whats the JY MRS40? Got a link? Can’t find anything at all on Google.

Look under bolt action, you will find it mate :relaxed:

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