What are the Slide options for the G17?

Looking for alternatives to the cast alloy beast. What will fit?

I’m on it buddy boy. I have the Plain Jane Non Laser Engraved Metal Slide Version but want something more Gucci like, yeah I’m constructing a Gucci Glock, yeah I said it, I like’em.

I’m looking for something with at least Front Slide Serrations but would really like a Ported / Lightened Variant along the lines of ‘real steel’ Zev, Salient Arms or Strike Industries offerings. I am to add a RMR Red Dot and so need the Slide to have the recess cut for the Mounting Base or I will (if enough meat) have it milled myself.

An overview pic is below for my finished (are they ever) Sidearm, Primary Sidearm, well, we’ll see, as much as I am a Glock fan I’m to see what the XTP dishes up before deciding. When / if I find an alternative I will post the info, pics and links here :+1: