What are these O-rings for? Where can I buy replacements

Just had this APS Spyder turn up from TacEdge. These O-rings are brittle and perished. I dunno how important they are buy how would I go about replacing them? Also would like to eventually replace the whole outta barrel with a black one. If anyone knows where to buy the same type for a straight swap out that would be great :grin:

Get in touch with Tac Edge and get them to sort out replacements. They’re probably just for positioning the barrel end, they won’t be an air seal that far forward, I don’t think.

Yeah, they’ll just be to stabilise the barrel by the look of them… nothing critical.

If you can get one off without it breaking take it to any tool store, they’ll sell something similar. Or measure the diameter at the bottom of the groove and get a couple to suit. :+1:

ok cool. thanks for the advice :sunglasses:

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