What blaster to get next

Am currently doing an ACR J10 up for my son. An got a vector v2 which will be our next build. Am currently undecided on whether to get m249 saw or the new au

Both scrub up very well.

The m249 needs a little more work but you get that box mag

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Yeah I’m staring towards the m249 saw atm.

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Don’t get the kids SAW, only the adult one… the adult SAW has a gen 8 box but has a longer trigger than a gen 8… other than that, all the gen 8 stuff fits :+1:

Yeah It won’t be for kids be for me my eldest is responsible enough an old enough to have one an when we ready play at donnybrook with me. An my younger 2 getting mp7 an mp5 to use at home with me under supervision.

Yeah I was speaking to the bloke I will be buying all my parts an blasters from when I was their other day getting few things done on ACR when he was showing me how to put gearbox back together. An we spoke in detail what parts etc an what build I was looking at doing for it.

Just make sure that Dad’s blaster is the most reliable and longest range. Can’t have Dad out g*nned… especially as there is more of them than you… ceazy

Maybe wire in a remote control cut out on theirs?.. so, if they get too good… you can shut them down?

Hmmmm that might be a good idea to patent? laughing%20(1)

Once you hold the LDT 416 you’ll feel dirty holding an M249. Like going back to a cheap toy.

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Yeah my eldest already pretty good shot an got me fee times with his upgraded ACR while my vector only had new spring put in. Have green o ring to go in my vector but waiting for few parts to turn up b4 I pull my vector apart to upgrade. Learning how to do all my own upgrades an have a great bloke to show me stuff if i get lost.

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So next blaster is going to be the m249 saw. An experiment with barrels lengths, sizes of barrel I’d an try different cylinders an teeth etc an yeah. Already got a book going on what I’ve done if it’s worked what pros an cons just to keep record of what done

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