What c02 cartridges do you use?

so got the xtp and quickly out of c02, what co2 does everyone use, who is selling them that doesn’t charge to much, who has the best deal?

Welcome unknown!

Sorta sounds a bit nefarious but I quite like that

Gets pulled over…step out of the car, what’s your name, unknown

On the ground now smart****!

Where are you located? I recall the lads expressing issues with postal services and CO2 cannisters


Creating a user name always gives a chance for mystique, unknown yeah why not sounds cool .

I’m in Queensland sunshine coast



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Thought they would be cheaper? Sucks n20 is half the price but I’m guessing that wouldn’t work

That about as cheap as you’ll get them.
Nangs I don’t know sorry

Don’t think you will find a nang that is 12g. Only 8g in my experience. Let me know though. Lol

Otherwise. You would have to build some kind of push up bra for the inside of the c02 mag and try and use a 8g. The gell people might make a push up bra soon though I imagine.

Yeah your right they are 8g, all these new gbb blasters are going to push up the demand for 12g co2 cartridges. Wouldn’t be surprised to see prices rise in the future

Or a new company to come in and make cheaper ones?

Can only hope… the u.s gets them pretty cheap compared to us

10 cartrige for 15 is dirt cheap actually, i paid more on ebay for just 5 a while ago

neng probably won’t have as much pressure as co2 O_O?
no sure actually…

Could 3d print a spacer for the 8g nangs.

Just went to my local ■■■ shop, 15 cartridges for 30$. Pretty good

I just went to queensland ■■■ exchange and they just received a s*** tonne of the crosman CO2 cannisters that they sell pretty cheap. Based in brisbane though so would be a bit of a drive for yah

hopefully by cheap you mean cheaper than they have listed on their website. they have 5 pk listed for $20 which is really expensive. tac edge are selling theirs for 17.95 for 10 if you do want to pick them up quickly. CEH are doing gamo ones for $2 each if they’re a little closer to you.

if you can wait for delivery you can get even cheaper from the ezychargers mob Rattler linked above.

I used Ezychargers, $120 for 100 cartridges including delivery, which only took 5 days to a country address, faster and cheaper than any blaster shop, I’m very happy with their product and service.

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I ordered from Ezywhip on Sunday afternoon and received them Tuesday lunchtime, not bad. That was a trial run of 10 and happy with the results. Now to step it up and purchase a load of 100 as Steve_Wilson has done above to extract the maximum savings.

Ezychargers and Ezywhip I am to calculate the very best price and go from there.

I am to also investigate the refillable types, added to my things to do.