What causes jam or no return motion?

So i have a J9 / J10 / Vector V2, I love the J9 but was waiting for one of them to die so i could get into modding, J9 went first with a few broken springs running the 11V.

Got some BigR’s - plunger - metal ladder- Oring and 1.3 spring and some shims / stock motor and pinion.
Watched Guido until my eyes bled and pulled the box apart so many times i’ve lost count.

I thought i had shimmed it properly, gears seem to move ok but do require some force to spin once the screws are all in.

i put the handle on fire it up and it compresses all the way back and then stops, after that its just a grinding sound…
Pulled it apart again - reshimmed just incase - same thing
changed the spring back to stock - same result
I checked the beville gear is spinning so the motor is pushing it, the stock nylon stuff is all still ok so thinking of chucking that back in with the new plunger to see if its my 15th tooth grind /AOE that is the issue.

What else should i be looking at ?
learning process here, i’ll eventually get it and in no rush :slight_smile:

If you half shell hand cycle it without a spring?

How long is your spring?
Are you using a spring retainer bolt and washer?

Hadn’t thought of cycling it without the case closed, thanks will try. Edit I checked initially that the sector engages and misses the 15 tooth. I will look at it tomorrow again.

Springs are stock and a 150 1.3

No I’m not putting it back in the receiver, want to make sure it cycles properly first.
Think I misunderstood you on that one… yes the spring retainer bolt is the stock one but no washer.

use a bolt and washer to make sure the retainer isn’t flopping about causing the jam.

after you hand cycle and check everything

Just a thought… is the little return spring correctly fitted on the tappet plate?noidea

thanks guys all good points, had a mate look at it and when we pulled it apart this time it had destroyed the tapet plate, so need a new one of those now - will get another nylon.
Looks like the AOE might be off he said shave down the 15 and half of the 14.

think i found another problem - the SHS plunger is catching terribly on the guides so its not sliding. will have to fix that too…


Frustrating to *** but all good things

ughhh so its been the god damn piston all this time which i just assumed would be right, surely … with the case open i cant slide the piston down the guide, not without using a lot of force. so now i’m shaving the piston guide rails. got one side flowing nicely i’ll follow it up with light sand to remove any burrs or bumps.

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Welcome to the zoo :rofl:


Cleaned it all up today and put it back together, was feeling pretty confident and it works perfectly :slight_smile: damn the 1.3 packs some punch!!!