What causes soft gels?

I bought some “hardened” black gels off ebay a couple of weeks ago. Figured for $8 worth a crack haha

Arrived no issues, soaked them as i usually do (4-6 hours depending on how forgetful i am, tap water, room temperature) and chucked a couple in a mag to try out.

As i was loading them i noticed they are soft, like REALLY soft. They are maybe a little bit firmer than jelly and are the softest gel i have ever felt by a long shot - compressing them next to the normal $5 ebay specials i get makes the “cheap and nasty” stuff look like marbles by comparison!

Any ideas why they could be so soft other than just being a crap product? Have i somehow missed something obvious whenever i soak gels and somehow got lucky every other time?

Black gels… Sure you didn’t order caviar? :joy:

Seriously though simply having the gels sit in water doesn’t make them soft, left some AKAs in water for a month and they’re still hard.


Black gels? :thinking:

Not sure about black ones, but someone threw me a packet of yellow “hardened” gels bagged up for CEH… soft as shite, not a lot better than the generic blues you get with your blasters.

AKAs all the way for me. :+1:


trials and errors man, trials and errors…
can u share the link so other members who might be thinking about it would know not to buy them?

Dont get me wrong, they look great…but they arent lol. Also, you cant see shit when youre firing them compared to a regular white milky.

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Curious, how visible are they in say like background with grass and trees and such?

Not being able to see them could be an advantage if you knew your blaster was sight-accurate.

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@icarus1314 probably a good 75% less visible than white milkies, and i can keep track of my clear darkish-purple ebay gels a lot easier than these black ones too.

@BradleyPhillipsYT Thats what i had in mind for these haha, perfect night balls if you are within reasonable sight accuracy.

Its a shame they are so soft because they look good and i love that its harder to see them, but they are very clearly deflecting more in the air than actual hardened gels. My overall range hasn’t reduced much with them, but “accuracy” currently stand at about a 1m spread on the back fence from 12ish meters away. My standard clear ebay gels give me better accuracy than that.

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thanks for the review man.
i am actually concidering getting some coz black is my thing lol
as long as they don’t come out in little pieces like weeks old gel with my stock gen9 i am happy :joy: