What did you get up to today?

Adding this up as just as a place for people to show of things they’ve done lately that their proud of. Brag. Complain. Ect. Figure an area like this would be a nice way to have a little banter going that isn’t 100% blaster related.

For me?

Got given 5 broken gearboxes/blasters last week to fix. 4 out of 5 up and running I would say is a pretty damn good success rate.


Have to complain, just left doc with possible miniscal tear. Knee is all bloated up. Looks like no gelball this weekend :disappointed:
Week and a half before can get a MRI.
Maybe I could just let loose from the back of field giving cover fire :slightly_smiling_face:


been arguing with a variety of vendors for various services that have failed to deliver, have been a scam, have suspended accounts (client accounts no less) paid in advance

and there is the usual user fkry…you know…things like…i’ve been logging into my email forever and…how do i do that again.

i have an NFP who are trying to mooch off me still with very little tolerance to the financial impact of their fkry - and most of what i was doing there was dealing with their fkn user stupidity and refusal to provide actual input or use the internet standard tools available … which they too have all been using for years…

this week is in full swing and i don’t know who opened the wanker muppet gates but…really wish i could have just one intelligent user interaction this week…

just one…




shit man…and i was looking forward to a game with you on sat too!

might be problematic to roll around @ the gully

Nah, but seriously I went to pick up a blaster, but it wasn’t in stock. So I came home and cried like a 6 year old me being told Santa wasn’t coming this year.


@Daymoo i’m sure you’ve been told today eh…



Paid for a c02 charger on ebay, PAID Extra to get it to me sometime this century.

Went to TacToys and realised they don’t like money…all I wanted was a speed loaded, no we don’t have them piss off…the sales guy was so focused on getting his uber delivered lunch I was basically annoying him.

Went to XTac Meadowbrook and got ignored by 5 ‘sales’ people, while I stood in reception, as the only ‘sales person’ was giving the customer in front of me a lecture about how he’s a gel ball ref.

Plus the shop stunk like human shit and sweat.

So basically, I love the sport and the gear, but the suppliers to us a bunch of useless wankers…


I found I nice lad selling a mp5 cheap that I’m gonna buy soon

I’m still gonna go, have to test out my new blaster (rebuilt). Strap up the leg and I can still hobble around


Well you can’t run fast enough to get away from my slr anyway :rofl::+1:

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Started on an LDX build for an SLR.
Running SHS 16:1 & Big Dragon M160 motor

Rof is well into the 30rps area which I really wasnt expecting (first experience with the M160) so ill be swapping the bearings for bushes, short stroking anf upping to spring a bit more.
Should be a nice set up once it’s done.:blush:


My blaster came in, so I went back and got it.

The all metal Well CQB is pretty damn sexy. Maybe I will be using those tissues.

Didn’t even bother hooking up the battery and shooting it, just got out the dremel, tore up the magazine and fitted it to a modified M249 box mag.

CQB with 3000 gel box max, tested, and working sweet. Now just to seal it all up good and paint it black. My new girlfriend is way hotter than my last, so my M249 can keep the house and dog for all I care. I’m in love.


Today i played a high mountain tauren in prepatch before work


I’m sure you’ve met my best friend? His name is nurofen and his brother paracetamol help me when the body is not complying!
4 and 2 and go for 6 hours :face_with_head_bandage:

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Well I assisted getting 500 sheep shawn and there was beer at the end of the day plus a $360 wage. Can’t get any workers to do this job I do, guess it’s too hard lol eat your import sprayed off veggies full of sprays that are banned for Australian farmers. 2-4D class spray, to make it ripen for harvest instead of naturally ripen. That lump on your ballsack and shooting blanks …

Agent orange which was used in vietnam was a mix of 2-4D class (Ester800 weed spray banned in SA) and diesel as a defoliant because of the thick jungle. US sprayed millionss of litres out. Australia also flew boom equipped Huey helos spraying defoliant “agent orange” out. I know this because my living uncle saw it.

Food growers overseas spray food off to make it ready to harvest when it suits them with chemicals banned in Australia and you eat them from coles and woolies. I am not joking either. Food comes from the freezer. Good luck :+1:

Ever wondered why your potatoes and tomotaes are a lil green and hard?


For the first time in months I bothered to clean my workspace. It’s now semi organised.


Work space ? Do you live in a portable toilet :thinking:


I like your flower wall :+1:


oh you got the same thingmabob clamp thingy for soldering I got, cheap n nasty but it works :+1:

My light needs a cable tie to stay on lol


I thought the one benefit of living with your grandma was she always cleans up after you?

Nah, the flowers are very lovely.