What did you get up to today?

Got myself a haircut that reminded me of someone special


You are looking “Field Ready” with that “Simply the best” on the market haircut there mate :wink::joy::+1:

I don’t think I’m field ready. That just doesn’t cut it. I’m Comp Ready.

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You two could get into a partnership with marketing talk like that :joy::+1:

It’s not as truly awesome as the Great Leader’s.


@coreywilton are you listening? I am prepared to enter into an extremely lucrative business arrangement if you are :rofl:


Some are very large and most have 150cc plus motors, the Yellow one with the arrow has 200cc flat four


Plus the motor is $4800 and an entire plane setup can be $20,000 :flushed:


Do you see many grown men crying at these events? RC CRASHES HELICOPTER,JETS,AIRPLANE MIX 2017 - YouTube head phone warning :warning:


It’s been me now and again over the 50 years of flying all types of RC aircraft :frowning:


That is awesome, the ultimate Air toy :heart_eyes:

Look out sheep I might sell more of you buggers and replace you with this :joy:

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19hp spinning a 32" prop

If you buy the flash version of that motor with magnesium crankcase and machined cylinders it’s $5800 then you need the four muffler systems :money_mouth_face:

Fuck it might aswell get two and a special trailer to cart them around :rofl:


Fuk yea nice, do u tattoo aswell… Should be ud do alright i recon…

Well I am now fully jabbed up. Let’s see if I get the second dose blues this arvo.

I found some stuff for my Vietnam kit going to run it through licensing department first to see if it’s all good then the fun begins. Also I’m now double jabbed so pretty good day today :+1:

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It’s all deactivated ammo by the way so not functional in any form

Strewth I should have bought a few more belts years ago. That’s expensive for 50 rounds. They’re out of stock anyway @Deadcumi-cumi
I might start deactivating the stock pile, they’re worth more than live rounds.

I’ll ask them when there going to be in stock if it’s going to be a while then I’ll figure out another way like buying the rounds and the belt seperate or something like that

If you can get belt links anyone who reloads their own ammo can do deac rounds for you.

All you need is .308 rounds with fmj projectiles.

These hollow points are close enough.


Had to save my house from burning down,
Was charging a battery in the room and watching tv when the missus yells out there’s fire coming out the bedroom window :fire:

There was 2 fires on opposite sides of the room, I can only assume the battery exploded and shot across the room