What did you get up to today?

Monkeemods shipments have been weird as of late.

I had one that said exactly the same thing. Then it just arrives.

At least two other colleagues had the same issue, one of them even had “Held for inspection”

Two weeks later it arrives anyway.

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As I’ve said, if it gets Ai xrayed and if looks sus, or from or to flagged locations, or smells funny to a sniffer animal or the electronic analyser, it’s marked as “held for inspection.” and automatically thrown on a pile to be looked at by a human.
At this stage you’re still 80% or better chance of getting it.
There are lots of false positives to make sure they catch the stuff they are looking for.
Just relax.

The only time you need to actually worry is when you get a letter instead of your package.


Well I did this at least😅


Pissed off a bunch of people. Paid back some favours I owed. Had a break down. Considered deleting my account and all social media. Reconsidered. Reconsidered my consideration. Overate. Then did the seals on a unit I’ve had sitting for a while.

I mean. The numbers are ok I guess.


Finally finished a project I’d been fucking around and procrastinating on for waaaay too long.


Nice work :sunglasses:
Gotta be happy with that!

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First try at bbqing brisket, pretty happy with how it turned out. Excuse the quality of the cut i have shit knives :sweat_smile:


Looks bloody tasty! :yum:
Definitely gotta stop spending all ya cash on blasters and invest in some quality steel! :joy:


Wait… Did you forge that?

I miss my ute , camping trip will have to be scaled down dramatically. Need a tow bar

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Nah mate, haven’t been game to forge anything that big yet. Started off as a 6mm hardox blank, which in hindsight and burned out grinder belts was way too thick. The plan was to mill the fullers in, but that also destroyed the expensive arse mill bits so it ended up being hand ground. Did make the crossguard and pommel from scratch outta mild steel, and the handle is tassie oak with a leather wrap.


Finishing up a rewire and found the little screw that holds the switch block had sheared off when I removed it :disappointed:
What a bitch to get out don’t even want to look at it anymore today😤

Edit: Does anyone know the size of said screw or any household items that may have one that will fit?

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Probably a 2.0mm cap head

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Needed a part for my 3d printer to get it working, a part which I would have printed, but for that I’d need a 3d printer. 🤦

So I designed it in cardboard and made it out of aluminium…

… that’s why you can never have enough toys, tools or techniques :grin:


Fuck I wish I was as handy as you guys


You will be…you will be


Just start dude… The more you learn, the quicker you pick up the next bit, and the next… It snowballs really fast.

I find taking long hot showers and standing there building things in your head helps heaps too…

Edit: I think the numbers on my hot water bill are directly linked to my IQ.
… and my sanity :rofl:


I’m sure if I read up ect I’d learn. But my current limitations are tools and money. But fabricating stuff like that is beyond me

A drill, a hacksaw and a file is all you need to make that piece

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You screwing a sacrificial tungsten carbide tip on the end of that rotor blade?

To move through the armour like