What do I need for a 300ish fps build on a gen 8 m4

New to this shit, please help, will be an m4 sniper sorta build

heavier spring, probably at least a 1.4mm (or equivalent and higher)?,
also metal gears, pistion with metal ladder, good seal, well shimmed and such,
so you would probably wanna to get a metal gear box for that kind of FPS too,
but i’ve never seen a metal gearbox in gen8 gearbox design.

probably around 300fps but a good build on a gen8.

350+fps sniper? Good luck getting any accuracy there :frowning_face:

Welcome Sethygae. There is only so much accuracy you can realistically get from a blaster. I think 300fps for a blaster that wasnt prefessionally tuned will be the limit of an accurate blaster. If you want something more practical a blaster around the 260 to 280 with a hopup will be ideal. A longer barrel will definitely increase accuracy to a degree but having a particularly long barrel can be difficult to manuever around corners and quickly aim and fire in heavy terrain making them less ideal. If you want a long sniper barrel without making your blaster ungainly long you might want to consider a bullpup like the Lehui Aug but this blaster has some reliability issues with the tpiece and seal so you may do what my bro did and got one that was pre upgraded. His was firing at 320 and had terrible accuracy despite the 40cm barrel. He complained of gels curving everywhere. He dropped it to 250fps and he said the accuracy was significantly better. Plus its less pressure on the gears and gearbox so reduced chance of failure. Just things you may wish to consider for your blaster. If i would give advise please consider getting a second blaster. If one day your main blaster breaks down you dont want to be using the crappy rentals. Trust me