What gbb pistols have people preordered?

I’m thinking either one of the sharks or the m92

Aps shark and xtp for me :sunglasses::partying_face:

CEH stuff, coz WE is what i grew up with :sweat_smile:
i still remember (i think…) how to take their beretta and p14 / 1911 apart and service them.

i wouldn’t mind the taran tactical hi-capa and glock tho, coz john wick fanboi…
but i have yet to find a seller stocking / pre-ordering them :persevere:

BTW, has anyone actually got their hands on a P1, and how do those perform?

None, I’m not on the hype train until they can make at least 30-50 rounds mag capacity.


Don’t miss :sweat_smile:?


I think I’ve figured out that the m92 is a Umarex, the two look 100% identical. Other asoft m92 have different shape trigger guards and different engravings in different areas. The CEH m92 and Umarex m92 are identical, both are co2 as well.

They are both called m92a1 and I’ve found the same picture on the CEH website for the asoft version on a asoft website, so the m92 is 100% a converted Umarex.

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Oh nice, I always thought its WE as well o.O
Good thing it a known brand that’s been around for a while

Yep. The m92 is Umarex… which is made by WE Tech

Actually It’s made by KWC, KWC sell their own version not licenced by Beretta, but the Umarex version is made by KWC and licenced by Beretta. The WE version is complete different, different build qualities and style. I doubt it’s made by WE because the build quality is far better than the WE one.

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Shark for me.

Shark plus one spare mag!
I want the M1911 but I want to wait until it’s proven!

Shark with extra touch up


Who’s selling a m1911??

Well close enough to it…CEH

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arh the p14-45

i really want a properly old traditional style 1911 :frowning:

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The p1 is an awesome thing…sure like ALL mechanical monsters there’s a little bit more you need to be aware of and regular cleaning/lubing is a must for smooth running. Out of the box on decent gas (there are 3 types on the market) you can expect 220~270 fps. Looks and feels as realistic as it gets in every way minus the real arm jolting blow back you can only get for the real deal. They run on R134a duster gas, R152a duster gas and propane (aka green gas) and has no problems on either. Love a diet of AK gels unless you run R152a then some other decent gels MAY stay intact. Well worth the money to buy one.

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Propane is not “green gas”
Also, where can you get refrigeration gas? I thought u need a licence to get them o .O?!

I been trying to find some decent gas/dust, no luck yet :disappointed: even the jaycar one low grido suggested seems too weak

Green gas is propane with silicon oil

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