What Gear box is a gen 9 gear box?

Hey guys, Just wondering what the official name is for my Gen 9 Gearbox? is it its own gearbox? or is it a v2? and i see other peoples gen 9s have nylon gearboxes but mine is seethrough plastic? thanks for the help in advanced :slight_smile:

It is JM’s version of a v2 but is not a v2.
So I would refer to it as a gen 9 gearbox.
The clear cases are the polycarbonate version and is supposed to be stronger than nylon. Some say it is better and others prefer the nylon.
The receiver on your gen 9 will be nylon.

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Cheers Rattler, so if i were to get a metal reciever, one that fits a v2 would fit mine ?

Well tbh I haven’t tried to fit a gen9 box in a v2 receiver but I am sure it could and has been done.
There is a few threads on metal receivers and this one may be of some interest to you

It’s not a drop-in fit. Same receiver, gen9 gearbox on left, V2 on the right.

You can see the rear receiver pin doesn’t line up. You can force it nearer, but it’s not going to fit properly. Also the gearbox pin won’t go in. It may look like it’s in, but it hasn’t gone through the other side of the gearbox, let alone the receiver. And before someone says that I put the pin in from the wrong side, it doesn’t want to go in from the right side at all. You could do a little drilling, use a bigger hammer, etc. If you really wanted to force it in.

As @Rattler said, it probably could be done, and probably has, but it will take a bit of modding. The gen9 shell in the pic is a pretty tight fit, and it didn’t have the selector plate fitted either.

The gen9 box is different at the rear, which is most likely the reason for it not fitting straight in. 1st pic gen9 on top, 2nd pic v2 on top.

Also, this is just this particular receiver, you may find another that the gen9 will fit into.


Thanks abunch for this! Very Helpful :slight_smile:

No problem, I’m glad it was of some use to you.