What gearbox do i use?

So i picked up a sweet little blastsr yesterday but unfortunately i cant find any ifo on it and would love some help

Could someone tell me what gearbox goes in the mp5k. Apparently it takes a gen 8 but i cant seem to get it to fit!!

Also if i use a gen 8 what T piece would it use? Gen8 or custom??
Any help appreciated

It’s a Jin Ming MP5 v2 and uses a gen 8 gearbox.
You need an MP5 t piece

Thats what i thought but i cant get it to fit. Thw upper reciever wont close over the gearbox.

I don’t have an MP5 so I can’t help you much more than that, it could be that it’s a slightly different version of the gen8 box specifically for the mp5.
Why are you changing the gearbox?

The kit i got dosent come with a gearbox. It is just a bare shell. I searched for months for 1 with a box but couldnt find any.

Oh ok hold on then, that is probably an MP5 Gorky shell and there have been a few guys who said they have issues fitting the gen 8 gearbox :frowning:

I think from memory but don’t quote me that they need a Gen3 gearbox

Yeah right. Thanks for the info ill look into it.

Sorry mate do you mean a gen 8 v3?? Or is there a gen 3 box??

Gen 3 gearbox not gen 8 v3

I found this

Thanks mate. By the looks of it its just a standard gen 8. I might just be doing something wrong. Ill keep tinkering and see how i go

Thanks for all the help

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Ok so it was @blek that had trouble fitting the gen 8 gearbox in this shell.
Anyone seen ldt's new mp5

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Your a legand mate. Thankyou

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NP , Let us know how you go with it and post some pics and such :+1:

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Will do mate. Gotta do some shopping first :joy::joy:. Ill keep ya posted. Cheers

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Yes standard gen8 didn’t work, the feeder port lip on the Gorky mag would catch on the T piece and the clearance between the fire selector and gearbox was just too tight iirc (also no spare mags to be found anywhere at the time). Was too much effort so gave up on it 🤦 let us know how you go.

Im not syre if there the same but mine isnt a gorky mp5. Its a HQ industries mp5K.