What gel balls to use for 7.5mm inner barrel

Hey guys im running a 40cm 7.5mm inner diameter barrel in my Gen9
im currently running milkies but i know milkies tend to be abit smaller than your usual gels so im wondering if there are different gels that might run better in my 7.5mm barrel?

hit me with your thoughts, im asking here instead of watching lowguidos video because honestly i get confused by the technicalites and just want a straight answer

TLDR; im looking for gels that average 7.5mm in size

I would say at the moment the LDT red pack milkies are your best bet


Like Rattler said, the LDT milkies would be the way to go. If that’s not your style, pretty much any of the generic coloured ones excluding orange are around 7.5, consistency not withstanding


Absolutely agree… but get them from a legit supplier… there are counterfeit red packet milkies around…a%20what%20the drama

If they are cheep from China… maybe a bit suss :poop:… from an Aussie seller… better bet I reckon…:+1:


Awesome! Thanks guys. just for clarification.
are we talking about the Warinterest Milkies? because they have released a sort of 3.0 version where they are red now or something, might have looked at the wrong item

Would these be the ones i would buy?

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They look like the right ones… you need to hold back and buy one packet and write the name of the seller on it as soon as you get them (so you know which seller they are from)… then grow some and measure them … if they are good, buy more from that seller… if not, then try another seller.

According to our guru, LowGuido… the red packet war interest milkies grow closer to 7.5mm and the gold packet are more likely about 7.3mm… look for his chop shop gel comparison vids on the interchoobs…:+1:

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Yeah i decided to watch the videos, thanks for the help everyone !

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This is the newer ones that are red coloured balls. I wonder if anyone hv tested them and compare with the ldt milkies

The 3.0 are the new red coloured ones not the milkies, They are new and I don’t know what they are like yet .
The other thing is that red gels are very difficult to see .
Even the older red packet milkies are not as consistent as they used to be but are still the best in a 7.5mm barrel.


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awesome, thanks for the help everyone