What gel blaster do i get

why? people have been telling me that tac toy are bad. but I don’t understand what is so bad. the mk 3 look decent

Save yourself the pain and stress and avoid TacToys at all cost.


This thread pretty much will answer all your queries about tactoys and how they treat their customers. Read through the whole thing to get an idea why many are boycotting tactoys


hay thank you for the heads up

Depend on ur budget man, the AR platfrom is a good start if you like customising stuff, they range from 130 for a jm gen8 to like 500+ for a full metal. Generally the handguard and butt stock are compatible accross different brand, except on jm gen8 would need a couple extra bit for stuff to fit.

Another cheap yet good quality rifle is the jm j10 ACR, solid build quality, easy to find upgrade parts, but lacks exterior customizable parts


@gaz Thanks for the tagging my thread :rofl: But yeah, I’m pretty new aswell mate. Just steer clear of Tac Toys, check out a guy called Low Guido on YouTube. He seems unbiased, go to some of his review videos and skip to the last 2-3 minutes and hear what he had to say about them.


I’ve had great success with the Wells CQB and MRT from M4A1 but I see the Nylon version is sold out.


Yeah looks good, but if it doesn’t work or breaks your gonna have problems.
My mate paid $380 or close to for a 3dg Glock 17 that doesn’t work.

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There on eBay now for $169 cqb and $179 for MRT now @toyandhobbywharehouse7


It’s a simple choice…

Buy the best quality blaster that fits into your budget, has available accessories and is a design that you like. Buying cheap may seem like the easiest option, but if you end up with something you don’t enjoy using it’ll gather dust while you play with your better ones.

If you’re up for modding then cheap’s fine… buy something that upgrade parts are readily available for… but if you’re the sort of person who breaks out into a cold sweat when the screwdrivers have to come out ( and they WILL ) then paying more for better quality and reliability would be a better option.

I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from CrapToys… not a stellar customer service record.


It’s hard for people to know what “best” looks like when buying their first gel blaster. Someone correct me if I’m wrong I’m really new to this.

Anything $800 plus: Custom made, the bees knees. All upgrades that could be done have been done and it’s down to personal preference now.

Anything above $500-$800: should have all metal internals and most externals are metals. These are usually exclusive to the store you buy from. Definitely considered premium quality.

Anything $300-$500: will be mostly nylon but for that price you should have some decent internals. Usually metal gears, an upgraded spring and O rings. Everything else is probably nylon.

Anything $300-$150: Standard stock blasters, everything should look the same around here. You’re expected to buy these with a few upgrades already in mind

Edit: Give or take $100 either way

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hay thanks bro. ill keep looknig for the one I want.

$179 for an MRT is a steal and that is a solid blaster!


in the wells m4 mrt good?

Im am just getting into gel blasting and looking for my first blaster

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They feel solid and the wells is a good platform in terms of reliability and mods. I can’t say how they are in comparison to the new expensive metal M4 types because I’ve never handled any of those. Compared to J10 ACR, JM Gen8 and Gen9 M4 and Wells V2 I would take the MRT at that price over any of them.

Obviously if you want 400+ feet per second you’ll smash the gearbox, but if you keep it sane (~280 fps seems best for gel accuracy, regardless of blaster) then it’s a solid platform. Looks good too, IMO!

Sorry, just saw your follow up post:

Yes in that case I’d get the Wells at that price! It’s cheap enough as a starter blaster in case you don’t end up playing much, and can be upgraded if you need/want to go down that path. But even for going out and playing the game it should be fine out of the box, with the caveat that most blasters need a new piston o-ring. But play a few games first before you feel like you have to pull it apart.

And just to manage expectations, effective range is 25-30m on these things, the gels will go 50m with enough kick but good luck hitting anything at that range (or at short range with a blaster that will send them that far). :+1:t3:

Hey, you done much modding of the CQB?
Thanks man

  1. Poor build quality 2. Priced higher 3. Does not in force eye pro very well
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If you’re new to this I’d recommend going through a reputable dealer. Even with higher end blasters faults ootb are not that uncommon. A reputable dealer will see you right with any warranty issues, dodgy ebay sellers not so much so. I think we all know who to avoid, regardless of how professional and aggresive their marketing is.

Check around in the vendors section, plenty of info about sellers in there. One stands out for all the wrong reasons pretty clearly.:+1:

I agree with @Torc … for the price the Well MRT is a solid starter. You could do a lot worse.