What gels are you using? List your experiences!

Just thought I’d start a discussion for all GBB owners on what gels you are using and how successful they are.

Currently I’m using AKAs in my XTP but having quite a few break every now and again so looking at trying some Ausgel Ultras.

What GBBs/Gel combinations does everyone else use and how successful are they?

Apologies if there are already similar discussions, I couldn’t find them and thought instead of putting this under one specific GBB type I’d open it up to all of them.

i briefly ran a shark nozzle in my p1s and found the pusher was splitting gels

it has a considerably smaller profile to the p1s nozzle

If your having AKA’s breaking something is wrong and although harder to break in your fingers the Ultra’s are not as tough as AKA’s
I have virtually no breakage of AKA’s in my APS pistols


I just occasionally have moments where I’ll fire and it seems like it either explodes in the chamber or cracks in half, and bits fly out the ejection port. Thought it could be an issue with the mag seating or something.

It could be poor blow back power caused by the mag not seating properly or similar.
Try holding the mag pushed fully forward.

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This is a bit different, we are talking gas blow back pistols.


Yeah I’ve been trying that tape mod but gotta properly work out how much to use.

Also heard that the match competition mag release fixes this?

Tried the ultras and kept getting jammed,
Xforce black label running fine
Never used aka’s yet

Used both ultras and aka in the hornet and i prefer the ultras

What are the differences you’re finding between them?

Pretty certain that the x force Black label and AKA’s are identical

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Seem to be shooting straighter, not as many jams or misfires. Also with the akas my slide was locking back when the mag wasnt empty.

I did find that using older gels that i had sitting around for a couple months were terrible. Not many issues for me with new gels of either brand

They did say that at the store but I thought he was just trying to sell me his brand.

Hi , I have a P1, , 7.3 mm after market barrel , hop up , Iam using warintrest 3.0 reds , and warintrest hardened milkys, works well , it hates all other gells.

2 hours in Mt Franklin water seems perfect for me for using Shark. I recently got a digital caliper and haven’t tested the size. But if i do this everytime its amazing. Using the small bottles of mt franklin and just taking a sip out of it before putting ungrown gells in. Can only talk about my personal experience.