What Glue to use on Aluminium Barrels

Hello fellow enthusiasts,

I was looking for recommendations on what glue to use to attach an aluminium barrel to a standard plastic t-piece (gen 8), and should i sand the barrel when using your recommended glue.

I use 5min Araldite but others use hot melt glue, you can rough up the end of the barrel but I don’t bother, just clean both parts with alcohol first.

Cemedine Super X works a treat

I’ve used Araldite but if you want to get them out later…hot glue

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When I araldite the barrel in I also go over all the seams in the t piece with the araldite also to rectify any air leaks that might be there!


Easy to remove with Araldite too, just soak in metho overnight or use a heat ■■■ :+1:


That is for all of the useful info! I’ll check it all out.