What Inner and outer barrels for the MPX?

Hi Maystro,

Pretty new to this forum and gel blasters. I got the Azrael MPX as my first blaster and was trying on longer inner barrels just as pictured above. What outer barrel do you think I can add on? I am looking at extending it to 10 inches or more as i got to fit a 10 inch handguard and a 35cm FB inner barrel (which I think I will replace with a Bruisemaster)

Hope you can grace me with some of of your experience with this APS blaster.


Hi @GlenNinja, mate you have done well to have an MPX as your first blaster, believe me you just avoided a lot of heart ache from purchasing some of the other duds out there.
The MPX uses the Gen9 t-piece so any outer barrel which fits this t-piece will fit the metal receiver. These barrels only need the slot in the top and bottom. Also you have to think about what silencer you want on the pointy end of the outer barrel. Just grub screwed onto the outer 19mm or reverse threaded like the standard MPX. You also have to take into consideration if say you want a 10 inch hand guard, how much if any outer barrel you want protruding from the hand guard.
I personally don’t like any barrel showing, just silencer going straight into the hand guard.
Here is a mock I just did with my MPX for you with a spare 10 inch hand guard.

Here is a pic of the standard barrel in your MPX, its a great barrel showing it has many slots in the end but you only need a barrel with the bottom and top slot to take the gen9 t-piece.

If you get a hand guard just make sure it has a barrel nut like this. Look up gen9 compatible ones they all fit.

Here is a link to a suitable outer barrel.



Hi Maystro,

First thanks for the effort of showing me your mock 10 inch hand guard and all the wealth of knowledge you have shared. Yes I was stoked when Brent had this to offer on his pre order I did all the pre calculations and thought it was worth it. I am also a fan of your work with the APS gearbox on a Gen 9.

I am probably going down the path of hiding the rest of the barrel with a mock suppressor but also considering a good DK hop up. And was wondering if I could still hide all of them under suppressor. Too bad they had to take out the hop up from original design but probably won’t work and gel balls will get stuck I guess. I just noticed most of of the time I can’t hit the target so probably going to get Milkie’s from Ausgel as Guido had a good review and get those inner barrels from Bruisemaster. I hate to give up the original barrel as they have good slots that make them fit right to the upper receiver.

So if we put this or something similar it should still be alright? Given that it’s going to connect to the original barrels CCW threads.

This is my build right now but FB tight bore is going as it is not showing any signs of improvement or might check on other milkies.

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That looks like a sweet 10 inch hand guard for the MPX. Also that would be a nice easy solution to use that outer barrel where you can just screw on to the end of the existing MPX one but I’m little concerned about putting all that extra weight on that screw thread. Also make sure that thread is CCW like the MPX. Although if you use an outer barrel stabiliser which goes between the barrel and handguard, you should be right. I used this one which is a universal fit.

Most hop ups will fit inside a suppressor. I know the Rizer hop up will fit inside my suppressor flush. Only problem if it is totally flush it is hard to do the trialling with the front grub screws.

Mate you will find Gell balling is a trial and error affair and will end up with a ship load of spare parts. Part of the experience :wink:

I will do some measurements tonight and see what options I have. I will surely keep in mind what you have advised though.

Thanks mate. Appreciate it!

Hey @GlenNinja do you have a link for that nice looking hand guard of yours and are you happy how it secures to the receiver?

Hello @Maystro and @Rattler

Sorry for the late reply been busy in work and waiting… for gelballmod order. I tried to email them but no response :frowning:

Here is the 10 Inch they are APS

This is what I originally wanted but they did not have in stock. Should have waited.

The delivery is a bit steep so maybe it’s a good idea to buy bulk with mates and share the cost

I believe outer barrels are all 19mm regardless of its purpose gel blaster or otherwise so no cause to be worried like I was before :slight_smile:.

It’s APS and EVO tech so its snug tight to the receiver.

Delivery is fast from the seller but you need to confirm if the item is available before ordering


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Well I would take your 10" if you like :wink:

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Haha nice try. I will take note of your interest.

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I bet you say that to all the boys (Quote from meat loaf) :grimacing: rofl :rofl: :joy:

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You are a sick old codger :thinking:

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Sorry, unable to resist (I did try) lie%20emo :grin:

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I was able to @Calcifer . :crazy_face::grin::grin::grin:

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Nothing worse than seeing the guy in the bay net is sho0oting away happily with his 10" and I am there just plinking away with my 4 1/2".:roll_eyes::sleepy: badluck laughing%20(1)

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I also only have 4.1/2" but so far no complaints at that width :sunglasses:

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Its probably alittle late to mention this but for the mpx the t piece needs to be the proper aps v2 t piece, its almost the same as a gen 9 but its made to work correctly with the aps gearbox and components

I use gen 9 t pieces in mine ?

It was only what i was told, so in the end its only word of mouth, but now i know that i wont need to spend extra on something that does the same job as the cheaper. Oh and my stainless barrels turn up today, time to extend the outer barrel @Rattler

Yeah the only difference is the stock ones have got grub screws holding the barrel in apart from that they are identical and fit straight in.
Woohoo new barrel will give it a boost for sure :+1:

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