What Inner and outer barrels for the MPX?

New longer barrel, new o ring to get it back up to 300fps, probably a 1.18 or 1.28 spring, nt1 hopup, and got it teed up to do a ano strip back to metal for polish

Itll still have a layer or ano on it but no colour, to match my stainless parts

Pics or it didn’t happen :joy:

It hasnt happened yet, thats the plan dummy

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Well stop mucking around and get it done allready will ya :rofl:


Sorry to rehash an old thread but I have an MPX and I am wanting to put a 7” barrel on. Would this suit?

Hi there not sure about that barrel and mostly it’s hit and miss. You need to have the hand guard fit that barrel and the receiver end to fit the T-piece. I have a lot of parts lying around because I did not check the dimensions. The only thing that worked for me I attaching the barrels mention in this thread to the original one. Which M-LOK handguard supports a 35cm Barrel? so maybe you can check their dimensions with the one you are after.

Other people here might have their own experienced success.

Good luck!