What Is The Best Battery For The Well M401

I have recently upgraded my Well M401 and in the market for a new 11V battery that can fit in the Wells and that can last a full 6 hour day. Have spent many hours trying to find a good 11V battery that will fit in the Well M401 but it is a literal mind field. Wondering if anyone could help give any suggestions.

My suggestion would be a Turnigy 3s but I suspect you’ll struggle to find them, I use a Boslipo 3s that are 1200 mah I think. Anyway I can get 5 hrs when I’m on full auto mostly, but I always change about half time so as not to discharge them too much. $30 per battery and then Aussie hobbies always throw in the deans connectors free. Great guys! I use them on all my blasters and no problem, only cause I couldn’t get the turnigy’s.


I only provided the link to the battery recommend and I am not saying it will go for 6 hours , that will depend on many factors especially in an upgraded blaster


If it is the older model Well with the thick wall nylon buffer tube that twists on and off, the battery @Rattler posted the link to will definitely fit in. I have a couple of them. They come with mini-Tamiya plugs, but you can easily change that.