What makes "better blasters", perform better from stock one type to another

Fundamental, most blasters generic in how they operate.
Some say this, some say that.
What are the actual differences, that make a difference in performance.
Ie, cylinder head nozzle shaft sizes.
Cylinder. I. D.
Interested in people’s opinions.

Nobody fucking knows tbh

I think how the blaster was assembled in the factory and quality control of parts that makes the biggest difference in off the shelf blasters.
You can buy 5 identical blasters and get one thats great, two that ore ok and two that are terrible.
Most stock blasters can be improved with nothing more than attention to detail, such as gluing the tip on the nozzle properly.


Rattler is on the money

Gels used too.

If you grab a vector ootb and feed it gold bag milkies (7.1-7.2) you are going to be frag bait.

Feed that same vector 7.3-7.4 sized gels and and you’re still frag bait but at least stand a fighting chance.

Air seal is possibly the first, most impactful and easiest thing to fix with any stock blaster.


Difference between oring for seal nozzle.
One that Dosnt hav one.
I understand the theory.
Yeah old test that for if blocked. Air leaks.
Can’t find anywhere wat the diff was.
Test just nozzle, one with /one without.

Agree with seal cylinder head, but that diff set up potential for air push around and out .
Where as nozle sleeved over cylinder nozle shaft.
Air would hav to change direction. Through tite tolerance.
Sorta had theory if anything non oring cause a suction from external air like venturi effect.
Unless someone can show otherwise.
Nozzle shaft seal no diff or minimal.
Another marketing Gimmick.
Nozzle rubber head seal to face of T. and cylinder head seal in cylinder crucial.

Small hinges swing big doors.
Trying to nut ut sum nitty gritty in specs.

Wat I’d is vector barrel.

Besides that yep agree.
One noticeable is diff size cylinder head shaft nozzles stems. Nozzles to suite.
Performance, wat the diff between the 2 or 3/how many?, variations.

Stock Vector barrel is 7.5mm

Using larger dia. on the nozzle would allow more volume to flow but there are pros and cons.
Larger dia. id Nozzle tube and nozzle with big spring = high flow high velocity.
Larger dia. id Nozzel tube and nozzle with small spring = high flow low velocity.

Using larger id nozzle tube and nozzle won’t in every situation give you better performance.

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Also most rubber nozzle tips have a smaller hole than the nozzle id. and tube so that would be the restricting factor, the nozzle id. means nothing

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Yeah Rattler… like a carby ventury, air has to speed up to squeeze thru a ‘restriction’… but slows down again on the other side.

You have to remember WHERE these blasters are assembled and by whom. In China, a person can sign up with a manufacturer to ‘home assemble’ for them. It doesn’t matter what the thing is… they will take delivery of the parts in plastic bags for however many they accept to put together. Also, the foam and color boxes, or in our case, the plastic box trays and outer boxes for each… and in the morning, the finished products, in their boxes are picked up.

So, say a person is offered an order for 5 dozen, in our case, blasters, accepts the order, all of the components of the 5 dozen blasters arrives at their dwelling… then, either one person sits all night assembling and packing 60 blasters… or more likely, the mother, father, grand ma and grand pa and the 2 kids start putting the blasters together.

So, the father and grand father might have a clue, the mother is cooking dinner … grand ma is half asleep and can’t see anyway… but somehow, by morning, 60 blasters are in their boxes ready for pick up.

Some may know how tight to screw screws into plastic… some dont. Some know to put some lube on seals, some don’t… some know where to run the wires so they dont get crushed… some don’t… all they know is if the 5 dozen blasters are ready in the boxes in the cartons by 6am pickup… the payment for the assembly will be made.

So, if you get a good one, it was screwed together by someone who knew what they were making and how to do it… if you got one assembled by grand ma… well, that might be the one that missed the lube, the seal got cut being jammed in crooked on the piston… the tappet plate spring never got attached properly… wires got crimped between the casings etc…

We have alot of issues with the RC helicopters like this… you buy 4… 2 are ok, one bad and one useless…

Of course, some are assembled in factories, with people at desks putting things together… with someone ‘supervising’ … but many things are shipped to ‘home assemblers’ … which of course have NO quality control… if whoever put them together, all good… if not… who knows?badluck laughing%20(1)

Not to mention, if someone signs up to do 8 dozen of something because the family will help… but some are sick, or can’t help… the person may have to put them all together alone… so, he might work all night and at 4am still has 48 to go… so the last couple of dozen get thrown together and stuffed into their boxes to make the 6am pick up… because if the order ain’t ready, he don’t get paid…

even in the factories, some people are doing 170 hours a month overtime… sleeping in makeshift dorms, or even at their work station.

Our toys are not lovingly put together by people who like gel blasters… they are just doing what the instruction sheet says, as fast as they can…


quality issues aside…i’m not sure i’m entirely not onboard with this employment model.

although it does does rather slave-ish but that could just be the CN implementation.

Holy shit man that was a flipping essay!
I let you know what I think in a week or so when I get through reading it :joy::rofl:

I used to import RC helicopters… had a few issues and my supplier filled me in on what it is like in factories over there…

There is also the REAL manufacturers and the counterfeiters … we really don’t know if we are getting legit things or not… I am trying to find some of the videos my supplier sent me… mostly in factories… check on the intertubes for ‘chinese toy factory’ videos…

You have to remember, there might be 1000 workers in the factory, all doing their thing then passing them along to the next person… they are not factories like in Aus or the USA

sheeesh… I will have to write more slowly so you can keep up rofl

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There’s a great doco on Netflix called American factory.
Some billionaire Chinese business man reopening closed GM plants etc…

My fav part is a Chinese guy telling the Chairman…

“His fingers are too fat, we have retrained him many times” talking about the American worker.

Or when the American supervisors go to China, they’re pretty much all overweight waddling through the airport…

Those poor Chinese buggers have some pretty average working conditions I must say.

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Can ya giv.
First hand experience to wat ya saying.
Nozle, spring etc…


Its called physics.
It’s not a Therory it’s fact.
But yes I can , I have tested almost every nozzle cylinder head available with springs from 1mm to 1.5mm in cylinders from 100% all the way down to 50% , barrels from 7mm to 7.5mm in plastic, aluminium and S/S and lengths from 130mm to 500mm.
I have built g8, g9, V2, Vector, M24 including combinations of.

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Oh and btw your nozzle test above is flawed !
You did not take into account a few important things .
A nozzle with no o rings will wear faster so you will lose performance over time.
A freshly oiled or greased nozzle will seal quite well o rings or not.
So the performance without o rings will not be as reliable and need far more maintenance to maintain a good seal

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