What motors for kublai gear boxes?

Currently building a blaster using the kublai/watz receiver and a kublai nylon box and was woundering what motors fit. I currently have a chihai 460 motor from my gen 9 but I’m having trouble with getting the pinion to mesh with the bevel gear.

I have the pinion extended about half way up the motor shaft and the screw on the grip to push the motor up but the grub screw isn’t holding well enough and the pinion keeps slipping back down.

I’m going to assume the 460 motor is too short? Also woundering does the 460 refer to the length?

I will eventually be putting in a tienly 25k high torque motor into a v2 cnc box will i still have this issue with the teinly?

V2 boxes use 480 long shaft motors bud :+1: shouldn’t have an issue with the Teinly as they’re a 480 configuration (as long as you get the long shaft not the short shaft). As for what the number means, I’m not exactly sure. I just put my verniers over my chihai s460 @ 46mm and nothing matches up so I really don’t know mate I’m sorry.

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Yea had a feeling that would be the case. Thanks!

No worries mate :smile:

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