What permit do a particular buyer need to have to import Gel Blasters to Australia (queensland)?

Hey once again guys.

I’m taking my steps to either build my business on gel blasters here in Queensland or to only buy a few blasters for personal use.
Either way I was told that I would need a permit for it to come through the customs and borders.
The question is: do I need to be an entity (company) to have that permit? Or I can try to get it for my personal use?

Thank you guys for the big help.

Check out the https://www.gelblasterassociation.com.au/

Read the news and contact them. If you do read the news there is mention about the importation of these products

Have a look at the Police website for this. You can apply as an individual or as a business.


You need a B709 import permit which can be applied for online at the police website as @BulletMagnet has linked.

I thought the permit system had been scrapped now that they know who has been importing blasters?(ie: Troublemakers) :thinking:

Still need a permit to import complete blasters and metal gearboxes etc from wholesalers I believe.

Thanks guys! It’s a big help