What Pistol do you carry?

Hey Guys!

I’m new to the sport/hobby and am loving it and really keen to get into it further. I already have a primary blaster (Modded LH Aug a2) but am thinking of getting a sidearm for looks and also functionality.
What (if any) pistol/sidearm do you carry? I’ve been looking at the M92 baretta as my top choice so far but before I spend the $100 I’d love to hear what you think!

Thanks for your interest and time.

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The Glock 18 is great! They are selling for $99 at some places.


I have a manual M1911 just for looks and I have used it once haha.
I have a Shark on order however…so maybe it will be a useful sidearm.


I was thing of the g 18 but thought maybe the m92 would be better due to the higher voltage battery

I got an SKD M92 cheap, tempted to get a glock too though.


M92 beretta . Looked at others so far and not really impressed.

All I have is :point_right: :disappointed_relieved:
But it makes a “pew pew” sound :laughing:


I got two of those icarus :point_right::point_left:. The left one doesn’t shoot straight though.


I love my M92. The extra voltage vs the glock makes it well worth the extra $ IMO. Recommend one of the $25 hop ups as well


Thanks for the insight! I look forward to grabbing one

There is the Desert Eagle too.

and these 3 non electric…

Good luck.

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M92, only thing is you don’t get many shots out before refilling. This may be the case with others. I would hold off and buy a shark or one of the other gas powered ones personally, they are 3.5 times the price though.

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I’m not sure if I want to deal with a gbb pistol just yet, I’m quite new to all of this and don’t have that sort of cash rn, unfortunately haha I am definitely thinking of modding the m92 mag with a glock 18 extended mag to increase the capacity though

which one has faster FPS tho :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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what revolver is that O_O??

That’s the XYL Python 357 “medium” barrel
They’re a looker, and that’s about it


it sure looks good O_O :ok_hand:

Whatever takes my fancy…

While the Beretta is essentially an improvement (nylon, high ROF) of the auto Glock, mine crapped itself after maybe 2 mags… have a new board to fit on a suitably rainy day

Meanwhile, my Glock is still going strong after 2+ years. If you’re technically minded, you can retrofit the Beretta board to the Glock for higher ROF

Desert Eagle has a newer nylon option (mine’s ABS), but still hampered by low ammo capacity and a bit too much bulk for “average” hands

Despite my personal experience, Beretta is the smart choice, unless you want to pay stupid money for gas-powered, gas-blowback, or wait for a 3DG electric Glock to explode in your hands :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’ll get the Beretta and if it does Shit itsleft I might get a glock and fit the new board into OT as you said. I was also just looking at the 3dg g17 but honestly, the mechanism for it doesn’t look super sturdy with the nylon gear for the slide, and for the money, I’d rather not have it break itsleft lol

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Good choice have both 18 and 92 have a couple of each straight away you’re going to feel that the 92 is a stronger polymer you’ll get approx 20-30 fps on the higher voltage and the hopup gives you around 20-30 mtrs accurate broken trigger switch on my 18 before and yes one of the 92s circuit board crapped out great toy and personally I like changing out mags usually carry 4 and good for muscle memory if you’re going to go get the real thing. Even though I’m from a different state I’ve joined tactical edge club it’s become law in Queensland $20 a year has benifets trying to get politicians in my state on side and realise it’s a great new sport as even though I’m going through the firearms course well was until i got stuck inside blasting flies best swatter on the market , hopefully one day soon we can have state comps now than the young blokes ps can go in the bin check out the chop shop and Galapagos the vids are very informative. If i had a stronger scope I’d blasting sharona back to hell , have fun and keep safe bro