What shonky shittery is this

so today i had my first experience with the JM SCAR

i’ve seen these things in the field and some of the upgrades people do to them. mostly the blaster doesn’t impress me but i’ll admit that a well built scar is a formidable adversary

i hope the rebuild today for a young lad puts him on that track. its soooo much better now that i’ve had it but that wouldn’t be hard…

a laundry list of wtf, seriously…

  • no compression - and i mean NO compression
  • t piece seal - there was a seal?
  • light weight nylon gears that look like they belong in an breast milk expression pump
  • omg…that cabling…wastage, bad runs, places to pinch, were they stoned when they did that?
  • the gearbox housing itself…lets save you the rant and say…crappy.
  • the stock screws…i understand why ppl buy screw sets now
  • the overall fit - wobbles around like an old lady without her cane

the rebuild is really just to fix the ootb issues of plop plop i witnessed this poor young lad having. i’m not upgrading anything perse.

so an hour or so later i’ve got this thing feeling allot better…i merely await my chrono to see how much better its going to be…

waiting waiting waiting on my chrono…here little chrono,…


Yeah, I hear the SCAR only shoots about 180 fps stock… I havent even put a battery in mine yet… have a nice nylon box and all the goodies to go in it… when I get time :+1:

180 would be a stretch with what I saw

Hilariously enough I won’t be able to test it until I find a mag anyway

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