What size gels?

Hi guys, upgraded battery, 1.3mm spring,o-ring and 34cm stainless barrel with 7.2mm bore. Currently using milky’s but this thing is shooting them everywhere even with barrel stabilisers. Is there a better option or is there a mod to help improve my spread?

Milkies have been the best for me, with a similar setup. What FPS is it sitting at?

No idea… never been tested for FPS yet

With an increase in FPS (your spring) you’ll notice the behaviour of the gel change. Throw the old spring back in and try it. If your spread is still all over the place, it’s not the FPS but the barrel, T piece, seal issues.

Are you using a good hop up ?

If not you need one . DK brand are very good.

The accuracy will go bad with too high velocity. When I installed a 1.2 spring in my custom M4, after using a 1.4 spring, the accuracy vastly improved.

Milkies, Not ldt milkies

And what was said about too heavy a spring