What Speedloaders do you use?

I stopped using magazine changes in favor of drum magazines with an easy to load

and top up in a game so for me the most important thing is a reliable speed-loader.
I have a few and while they do ok, i find that the lid easily pops off. I see many instances of this happening with people running with speed-loaders with lids that have popped off sending gels everywhere, and even worse when you hunker down in the prone position and go to grab your speed loader to reload only to realize that half your gels have been already split on the ground. So i decided to look at ways to stop this from happening. This is my solution:

Its rough but the screw top lid means there is no more issue of the top popping off and sending gels flying. I will be attaching a small chain to the lid so that that doesn’t get lost.

So my question has any one got any different speed-loaders or other unique ways of loading their gels? I’d be interested to see what other solutions people use in game.


Honestly my solution was carry more mags instead of a speed loader - but I like your solution as a much more cost effective answer!

I have a mags as well but in game play terms i found myself concerned about running out of gels at the wrong time. With an easy load drum mag you have large capacity and its very easy to open the loading door of the drum and top the drum quickly with out taking the drum mag out. It also means u never have to prime or dry fire as you would with a mag change so the top up is instant. I just cant go back to mag changes after the benefits of a drum mag.

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That’s a fair call!

Ive cut the centre of the lid off a 2l orange juice and put it inside the speedloader lid . Fits perfect inside and screws on as normal to the 2 litre bottle. May not always be practical in games but when Im just chewing through gels with friends its so much easier.

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You have pics of this set up i just cant picture it. Does it make sure gels dont get out easily?


And it screws on a 2 litre juice bottle now , instead of refilling the speedloader.


That is very cool!

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I cut the crappy cap off the standard speed loader and just stick a standard Nurf dart down the nozzle. Fits in perfect and doesn’t come out.


Yeah its good for a large capacity speedloader for sure well suited to loading between games or if you have it in a backpack.

My main issue with the standard speed loaders are those flimsy lids that easily come off. Ive been looking every where for alternatives and there are none.


Wow really a nerf dart fits into the top of a speedloader? I will have to try this

The way you have the yellow cap may be your best option , dunno.

Ive thought about making a flat button with a hole big enough for gels so when you push it in through slits in the perfect place in the lid, and have it spring loaded so it shut off automatically. Could use old tappet plate etc.
Too fiddly for me to get working. Also would need to have something around the springs that wont let gels get cut up in the spring.

Sorry Im fresh out of blueprint paper hehe

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