What stores to buy gel blasters from?

Hi guys, I’m new to gel blasting and I’m looking to buy a gel blaster. I just wanted to know if there are some good stores to buy from that’s trustworthy and not over expensive. I’ve been looking at different models and I found that the Vector V2 seems really good overall and I like the design. Due to the coronavirus, I don’t really want to be buying from stores. Do you guys have any suggestion about what online store e.g. eBay would be a good store to buy from? Thanks.


There’s a few out there
M4a1 gel blasters
Tactical edge hobbies
Azraels armoury are some of the top online stores :+1:


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And ebay

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I just went through about ten different stores most Ive never seen or heard of. Some of the pricing from store to store is shocking like a reflex sight for $75 , $260 ACR’s , using pics from ebay/ali sellers , and best of all one saying explore the entire range , and had about 3 blasters.

From my experience
Tactical edge hobbies: was my go to , especially for whole blasters , BUT … They just changed their rewards programme and has seriously impacted where I buy from. It used to be 10 points for every $100 spent and 100 points for $110 off. Its still 100 points for $110 of but its 1 POINT PER $50 now.
Having said that I just bought a hanke m97 from them 15 minutes ago haha.

Big boss tactical: awesome company with some great parts available. Quick on shipping. I will be returning soon to buy more.

Zhenduo: bloody cheap and hear mostly good things , they are a drop ship company Im pretty sure , so expect just that. Ordered with them last night.

3k mods: not a massive store but do stock some cool stuff. Will be returning here for sure.
And by word of mouth Ive heard of these sites and seem respected

Xforce tactical , may have even used them
Hawkex tactical
Azraels armoury
Op delta force
Renegade blasters: made a pretty big purchase last night we’ll see how it goes but pretty confident.
Ebay/aliexpress: some like ‘aussie fun times’ ‘sinairsoft’ are ok and a few more but its a bit of a sport to figure out whos dodgey or not.

To top all this off I just wan to advise Ive heard nothing but bad stuff from tac toys and because of the amount wont even view their stock.

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All of the above, just be aware there are a few companies trading under multiple names (because of reputation issues, I suspect).

But all the well known traders like Tac Edge, Renegade, Asrael’s, X-Force, M4A1, etc that I’ve bought from in the past have given me no issues and they get a lot of repeat business. Don’t overlook the independants too… my local independant on Brissie’s northside is great to deal with and really looks after his repeat customers with prices.

Unknown sellers on ebay can be okay or very dodgy and unreliable with warranties… it’s a bit of a crapshoot.

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Welcome to the forum mate, you will find everyone here friendly and helpful. There is no question to odumb to ask as we all have to start somewhere.

I find tactical edge as mentioned have good prices and you can always google a discount code for them often saving another 15%. They ship free over $30 too (not that anyone can spend less than that :wink: )

I also like tac toys, i have never got blaster from them as they are pretty dear compared to most but god damn they ship fast, accurately and always provide tracking for the bits i do get.

hope to see you around mate,


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I found m4a1 at 17mile rocks good and the guy at x-force tactical Meadowbrook was very helpful, he told me how to fix my broken ssg69 without trying to sell me anything, and also gave me a run down on looking after my blaster after purchase .
Tac toys was my first store till I realised they are 50-$70 dearer than everyone else .
But for parts around the same

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Oh and there’s a guy on YouTube I think his name is low guido who pulls down the blasters , very helpful for me anyway when I changed my cylinder, otherwise I’d be still scratching my head

I always check out zhendotoys first, their blasters ship from Australia so you get them within a week. (note that parts and stuff they sell mostly ship from China so can take a month or two, but they are very honest about what ships from where)

Then all the other places people have mentioned. It pays to check them all because a shop might be cheap on on blaster but expensive on another. Really depends on what you’re after.

Toy and hobby warehouse on eBay can be good too. They also get most stuff to you within a week.


Ok, thanks for the info.
Appreciate it.

Btw, I’ve been looking across the stores that you guys have mentioned. I’m not sure if it’s just me… But it seems that a lot of items are out of stock or sold out. Is this normal or are stores being effected because of coronavirus?

Yeah, the plague is not helping…


Ironically all the parts, blasters and accessories all come from China, Japan if you’re lucky… so even if you find a local source they’re short of stock because of shipping delays.

I had to laugh the other day when my local independent seller was saying “We have to stop buying from China and start buying Australian.”

Told him he’s chosen the wrong business if that’s his priority. :joy:

Anyone else noticed how prices have gone up on gear since COVID?

Bog stock BLG M16s were $104 before, now they’re pulling $150 - $160… :thinking:


Gone from “how am I going to move this junk?” to “well, there ain’t anything new coming in”.


A lot of overseas made items have gone up in price. For eg a $200 pc SSD drive I bought 8 months ago is now $250 everywhere.

armoured heaven has some good starting blasters in the $100 range and good customer service. https://gelblastergun.com/ was also alright. Both were very quick to respond to any questions I had. I’ve also just ordered from Zhenduo. They’re extremely cheap and do have certain stock in Australia. For a chinese company they are very straight forward with where their stock is located and provide lists and info about it. They’re also incredibly cheap and seem very genuine. I’ve also had a few gel blasters from ebay and tbh as long as it is in australia should be fine. You can get some pretty good deals on there although if something goes wrong it’ll probably be a pain. As for preowned ebay blasters take caution as often the descriptions are rather vague. I got one which had been modded but they left out the part it didn’t fire haha.

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