What the? Black nylon acc kit, unknown piece

So I received a few of these blackout nylon kits for the AKM, they fit perfectly and are of good quality. Thing is there’s this T shaped piece and I don’t know what the hell its for! Ain’t no blue piece or anything that looks like it. Can someone enlighten me here?
Thanks in advance.

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Great question mate!

I am hesitant about getting the blackout kit as I saw this T part and couldn’t see it on the AKM so I haven’t bought it.

So all the other parts fit ok?

Well I haven’t fitted all of them yet, but Putting them side by side, they look identical, like they’re from the same factory. These came from Ak Unkle through Aliexpress $4 something… I would have just painted the blues ones (properly) but I had an embarrassing incident with a hot soldering iron, nodded off to sleep and melted a bit of the battery compartment lever.

Public service announcement
Guys, don’t use hot tools when sleepy. But I’m just glad it didn’t fall into my lap and burn my most important body part.


I don’t have that blaster but it looks like it’s something to do with a charging handle

It’s really got me stuffed hey Marty. I’ve disassembled three AKM’s, about to put them back together and I still can’t locate this piece. All good though, mustn’t need it!

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i could probably reassemble my akm with my eyes closed via phone using a 5yo goat as my hands and this item i’ve no clue about.


Haha! Actually, I’ll send Ak Uncle from Aliexpress a message and see what he says. Hopefully they speak ok English.

Hey Iron Spear, yeah they all fitted mine. The parts fit and are identical to the blue ones.

As for the mysterious part; it’s show in the instructional photos in Chinese that come with the box, but don’t know what it’s for exactly.

Hmmm… I didn’t get a box or any instructions with mine. Still haven’t had a reply from where I bought mine.

My mistake, it’s the rail attachment I got it mixed up with in the RX AKM pictorial instructions. Random part it seems, that comes with all black out kits.

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Well I asked Ak Uncle and they cleared it up for me:

Hmmmmm… haha! Weird

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Non functional, it’s just there ok

hahahaha… amazing!

I wonder if the kit would be cheaper without the nonfunctional part?

Lol I’m going to ask for a 10 cents refund for this useless part

Sorry for digging up old thread, but I worked out what this was for today when my blackout rocked up
It’s to attach the front iron sight, it’s a crew


Solved! Thank you so much. How did you figure that out? Can’t believe the supplier would lie. Jeez I can’t stand that. Some people are to afraid to say “I don’t know” which I would prefer instead of them just making something up. Thanks @Kolbjorn and welcome to the forum!

I too was looking over the pics of the parts coming, and there was another one I couldn’t work out, the little screw with a pointy tip…
When I went out back to shoot off a few rounds, looking down the sights I saw it and went “oh” that’d be it, while thinking how annoying it’d be to screw that tiny thing in… it dawned on me, that the other unknown is probably a driver, a tool for replacing it, when they rocked up, yep! Confirmed hahah

So, you’re welcome
And thank you

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