What type of Lithium Battery is it

Hi, I have just bought the 11.1V lithium (LJ452096/2000mAh 11.1V GB/T18287 - 30C)

I need to know what type of lithium it is- LiPo or LiFe or LiIo or LiHV?

It is for the Balance Vharger I just bought, can anyone help?

You don’t happen to have a pic @Meglaman. Good chance it’s LiPo.

second that last reply. as our of the 3 types lipo is cheaper to buy and what balance charger do you have as the good ones will detect if the battery your trying to charge is a nicim or life and if your input details for the battery aren’t right if won’t charge

This one

sorry to say it and I hope you got it cheap. as those batteries as Chinese knock offs half the time their not even true lipo batteries and the mAh is usually alot lower than what’s printed on label. if you want a battery that’s genuine lipo and true mAh to its label, Turnigy make a decent battery and priced fair. just keep that other battery for now then compare it to a proper lipo and you will be amazed the difference.

Thank you I bought the Balanced charger from Jaycar here in Brisbane Australia. The batteries from the Gel Baster shop. I will go to Jaycar tomorrow. The betteries where $30 each.

nice bro yep their the ones I’m talking about.and you should check out chainsaw products.com (don’t worry their Qld based) have the Turnigy nanotech 11v 3s 1200mah lipo batteries for same price $30 sometimes cheaper if on sale


Im voting with @Mr.milkman. Chainsaw Products is a great local business. The 3S Turnigy’s they have are the best to get for the lowest price around. On eBay some ass is charging $43+$9.95 for just one.


Went to Jaycar at Jindalee to work out my new Balance charger. All sorted. I am connecting new connectors to my guns and batteries. The Charger is super fast on the balanced charge setting, which is less than standard charge and quick charge. Now to do the rest of my batteries and blasters with the new connections. Happy now and a fun learning curve.

funny you mention that as I seen that listing almost a year ago and sent the seller a personal message saying that his mark up is ridiculous at that price you could purchase locally then re-sell and still make a profit from it. and that he was a theif your ripping people off. lol

Dean’s connectors all the way!!! and if you don’t know how to solder it’s never too late to learn lol. if all else fails I bet YouTube has plenty of tutorials how to solder