WhatbBeginner Gear?

What do I need in what order? Clothing, holsters, camel packs, accessories, grenades, sidearm, etc

I’m just starting out with my own stuff, what do I need in what order?

Thanks everyone!

Hi there,
I’d start out with your Blaster, at least 1 spare mag and battery. That got me playing/addicted. Then look at what you want to do, upgrade, gear you’ll use, how many gels you go through so might need more mags etc. Torches, tracers, upgrades to your blaster, and your second, and third blaster. TAC vest or belt? Etc etc just get out there playing and learn as you go!
Good luck bank balance!!


Definitely get your blaster, spare mag and battery sorted first. Go with the 11.1V batteries to start. Then add a better spring and change out the oring for better compression. After you play the first game you will start to know what worked, what didn;t work and build from there.

For instance, with my Gen8 M4 I found the standard 7.4V battery gave a too slow fire rate to keep up with everyone else, so that got ditched, also the barrel and buffer tube started to come loose after a day of constant shooting, running and diving for cover, so that all got upgraded before the next match.

After that I got the metal barrel and hop up for increased accuracy, and a red dot sight to replace the crap holo that came with it.

I expect the gearbox will break at some stage soon so then it will be metal plunger, metal cylinder head and metal gears.

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I think I’ll get metal gears before going full on with the o ring and spring. And I need a lot of accuracy. Atm my acr is almost random.

I reckon get at least 2 blasters to begin with, one to stay basically stock (and reliable) and one to upgrade… some spare mags, good safety goggles but dont go overboard with bling and gadgets before starting to play.

Nothing funnier than to see some rich newbie with absolutely every piece of bling he can spend money on, looking like an escapee from Desert Storm… lumbering around the scenario with the latest helmet, goggles, earmuffs, range finder, night vision goggles, vest, utility belt, water bottle, 40 magazines, army boots, army pants, flack jacket, camo netting… with the latest blaster with all the mods, flashlight, scope, red dot sight, 19" supressor, Bi pod, bayonet etc… however, getting regularly sho0t in the back of the head every 5 seconds by regular players in some camo cargo pants and a T shirt with a super modified pink and blue nurf g*n (Like Rattler or Hiroshima) die%20dillon

You have to remember that, at some games, the experienced players often enjoy hunting (picking on) the newb with ‘the lot’… laughing%20(1)

In gel blasting, it is not always WHAT you have got… it is more how good you can use what you got shoot


gawd damn this is the funniest shit i’ve read in weeks

we need an up vote mechanism



Other way around mate. O ring and spring are best and easiest mods to do, you don’t need metal gears straightaway unless your putting a big big spring in, which will plush up for fps alot and destroy any accuracy you have.

Just do o ring, 1.2-3 spring and hopup. Then extra mag or 2 and some way of carrying them


Metal gears require shimming skills which aren’t hard to develop but it’s an expensive learning curve is you balls it up