Whats a good/cheaper chrono

Im looking to get a chrono but to be honest don’t really know where to start any suggestions would be nice.

The chronos I have seen on the intertube videos are about $80 on ebay… that seems reasonable. I only have an old twin aerial type chrono that I have had for years to use with my real guns… I paid $220 for it about 20 years ago… so $80 seems pretty good for a modern one?

The little pic is what mine looks like


Looks pretty good might just go for something like this with modern technology they’re all probably pretty accurate.

the best thing about having your own chrono… is that, even though it might not be 100% accurate in meters per second… it will tell you if the modification you just did is actually an improvement in mps… or a step backwards… the numbers are either better, the same or worse…

I have that bigger type because I use it with reloaded ammo… so can shoot either rifles or Hand… if I tried to shoot my .44 thru one of those little electronic ones, I would have to go looking for the chrono… my bigger one, you shoot from a meter or 2 back from it (haven’t hit it … yet) :sweat_smile:

The modern small ones are perfect for gel blasters because there is no muzzle flash… you can put the muzzle almost in the hole without damaging the crono… plus, they are small and don’t have to be assembled each time you want to use it.

If you do archery or shoot other types, the bigger one is more versatile. If not, just get the little electronic one… I may even get one myself

I got one of these and what I love is that it has bluetooth, so you can monitor it from your phone and keep a database of your results!

So I’d look for one with bluetooth

Apart from that they are pretty much all the same internally

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Thanks @Arty_Marty that is so cheap and takes all the guess work out. I use to shoot my hand and use a pain factor as guage. :wink:

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I ended up ordering the bluetooth one also should arrive tomorrow :slight_smile: will be able to see whats actually improving my blasters now haha.

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Yeah, I bit the bullet (so to speak)and have one coming too :roll_eyes::grin:

I have one of these on the way… should get here soon