What's a good sniper?

Just bought my 1st Gel blaster. HK416 D…impressed but cost me $390 is that the average price?
Want a sniper rife, any recommendations?

Hey bud welcome to the forum. Yeah 390 sounds about right I’ve seen them anywhere from 350 to 420 so you haven’t done to bad

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Put it this way mate. I’ve spent more on custom guns and upgrading other guns myself. The LDT HK416 I always go back too, it is the perfect gun to start with for looks and reliability, power is slightly low but it’s accuracy is perfect. For hopup I recommend getting the DKJ10.

Its one of the quietest guns I own too. Which is great in the backyard.


Hiya Rokz.

Do you have the nylon or alloy gear model?

Nylon gears, I don’t believe the metal one was available when I bought mine. But all my other blasters are metal geared and it seems to take the decibels up quite a bit.

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Thanks Kenny. Thought EOFY might have helped but all good. I’m happy now.

Also, no snipers are any good. Well, not that they’re not good, they just don’t perform like a sniper. Not like airsoft. We won’t have true snipers until gels get a lot harder and can push higher fps without distortion.

Any sniper you buy and/or upgrade now it’s just for looks and immersion but won’t out shoot other guns for distance. So basically your just hurting yourself if your wanting to play sniper in war games.

Maybe if you managed to make them super silent and just be super disguised then it would be ok.

Snipers are good fun for shooting cans in the garden but not much else.

No sperical ball such as a gel ball can be accurate nor travel long distances due to the Magnus effect… which is how baseball pitchers and cricket bowlers, golfers and tennis players etc… can spin the ball to make it travel funny paths… curving in the air.

That is why rifles are rifled… they spin the boolit like a spiralling American gridiron player spins the football… and how it seems to fly so easilly and effortlessly,

A hop up uses the Magnus effect by spinning the gel backwards, which makes some lift… but not all gel balls spin the same from the same barrel thru the same hop up… due to various things like distortion of the gel, it may be dryer or wetter so less grip on the deflector plate of the hop up. Gels passing thru a hop up may leave the muzzel low then climb, then eventually drop… you may get more distance, but not more accuracy.

What we really need is a rifled barrel, but then we would need harder projectiles, tighter tollerances to the inside of the barrel, more pressure pushing said projectile…

In other words… one needs a real gun… Our blasters are toys… they are much fun… but accurate, I doubt they will/can ever be. Their main purpose is to put a smile on the face of the user…

Works for me :grin:


You need to check out some of the Airsoft snipers then lol, they can ping you at about 100m for their max, any further you probably won’t feel the BB. Our issue is purely the Gels not being solid and deforming under forces applied, and the deformation not being predictable.

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Look up kicking mustang on youtube… hours of entertainment…

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Dang you Marty! Now I really want a Ghillie suit DoH!!.. :roll_eyes:

those vids are Kool! :grin:

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