What's best Barrel / gel ball size combination

Just wondering what is the best Barrel / gel ball size combination?

This is WITHOUT going to the trouble of building a gel ball size sorting machine. I just mean a type of gel ball + a particular barrel internal dimension.

The harder and heavier the ball would be best as long as the weight is conaiatant through the individual ball?

I think for 7.0mm is too tricky (unless you think otherwise)
So I’m looking at stainless steel barrel with either
7.2 ?
7.3 ?
7.5 ?

Let’s hear what your opinion is!

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My opinion is to use the LDT red pack heavy milkies with a 7.5mm barrel.
The are very consistent and grow to 7.4mm in warm water every time.
They also feed very well in all the mags.

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LDT and 7.5 also

gold milkies and 7.2

7.1 tight bore with ausgel Milkies, or ldt heavy Balls😜 with 7.5mm alloy. that’s my opinion

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Yep I Agree. 7.5mm barrel and LDT gels.
I used that combo in my custom built blaster yesterday and was hitting people that couldnt hit me at about 40m.
I bought 2 kg of ebay gels just b4 the LDT milkie hit the market for $40 so I still have heaps of them.
I use them at indoor CQB because accuracy is not as critical. Up to about 5 to 10m they are about as accurate as the LDT’s but after that they splay out a fair bit.
I would rather get a barrel to suit the gels I use with minimum effort it growing. There is no way I am weighing gels and measuring water and growing in a flat bottom container and measuring gels every half an hour untill they are the right size to suit my 7.01mm barrel.
I tip a whole pack of LDT milkies in a 4L container and fill to the top with hot tap water, leave for 12-24 hours, drain and play.

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Give the gels a squirt …:laughing: Of silicone spray leave for 30mins then add ya water ( results are crazy) but room or chilled works best for hardness and consistency

Ok, so what exactly does the silicon spray do to the gels ?

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It’s a method that Beastpro reccomend.
They also say to add a drop of detergent.

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Shhhhhh :shushing_face::shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: not too loud that’s trade secret your talking about it Helps keep consistancy, and gives them the extra :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry: to those it hits

Have you tried iso.??? And I’m leaving it at that


ISO.??? You can’t leave it at that I must know more :thinking:

To know this knowledge…ready you are not🤐

"Allways pass on what you have learned "


Riddles you are talking in.

You need to sort your balls and have barrels to suit… only takes minutes to change barrels

The trick is knowing how big your balls are… :grin:

Who’s got big balls…I got big balls oh their such great balls. And he’s got of nalls…
… and she’s got big balls but we got the biggest balls in our blasters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Calm down milko… haven’t you heard… it is not the size of your balls that counts, it is having the correct size balls for your barrel

If you try and squeeze your big balls down a tight bore barrel… it wont work… if, you have teeny weeny balls (like 7mm) and shoot down a big sloppy barrel (say 7,5mm) you may have issues with dribbling…

You need to take a close look at your balls regularly and have barrels to suit :+1:

I would not recommend inspecting your friends balls too closely… might end badly :woozy_face:

How did you not pick that was the first few lines of big balls by ACDC lol. Yes I agree stay clear of ya mates balls. I’ watched a mate get caught trying to steal another’s balls :rofl::rofl::rofl: didn’t end well for both of them and the balls ended up stood on​:weary::dizzy_face:

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I like the way Guido used 2 pieces of angle aluminium over different drums… the bigger balls get to the further drum, the smaller drop in the first bin… simple and clever…

Another interesting vid from Guido… his sorting system is about 1/3 of the way thru the vid. Watch part one too :+1:

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Already seen then ages ago when they were first uploaded. The method I use to hydrate the gels keeps them all within 0.1mm of each other with the occasional 0.2mm but a couple like that occasionally won’t be an harm