What's it like owning one?

Looking at getting the xyl ARP9 as my close quarters blaster, but heard a lotta negatives about it

Just wanted to know from those who own them

  • How do you find it for CQB?
  • Do you run standard 7.4 or 11.1v, and how does the mosfet run 11.1v?
  • Any upgrades (oring/spring) that are worthwhile?
  • Any just general comments about it.


mosfet is probably not designed to work with 11.1v and might smoke if you try,

designed with “speedsoft” in mind, so a fast single shot becuase of mosfet (classica x9 is apparently coming for gelsoft)

You are basically the Dan Bilzerian of gel blaster when you own one.


Used one last Sunday game for an hour. Amazing blaster imo. Shots hard out the box. With my dkj9 hopup on it it was shooting 35-40m easily and it was running an 11.1 battery. Great fun. Trigger felt a little loose though and mags are a bit small. But that’s it really.

I’ve had mine since February, great blaster. I love it for cqb.

I run a high discharge 11.1v battery on mine and have since day 1, no dramas.
Touch wood it still seems to be going strong.

I’ve just left it standard and havent pulled it down since purchasing. I’ll be tearing it down for some maintenance and maybe a few minor upgrades soon when I find some time. It’s sitting around 230-250fps currently.

It runs cast 18:1 gears and a nylon piston with one metal tooth so an upgrade that would be worthy would probably be a full metal rack piston and while you’re there you could definitely look at replacing the oring.

It’s a great blaster out of the box, feels nice and has a bit of weight to it. Magazine is small but I would highly recommend them.:blush:

Have had mine a few months and have yet to take it to a field but -

  • How do you find it for CQB?
    Don’t know. Yet.

  • Do you run standard 7.4 or 11.1v, and how does the mosfet run 11.1v?
    I run both. Haven’t had any issues running either, but using the 11v (turnigy 1200mah), in semi auto, motor gets warm. Full auto it’s not as bad. ROF is fun at 11v.

  • Any upgrades (oring/spring) that are worthwhile?
    Have read that the stock oring is better than a green, so not worth touching. Have heard that an m90 spring and basic air seal and aoe is all that’s needed to get 300fps with no change in accuracy.

  • Any just general comments about it.
    It’s awesome. ;). Just feels good

Have 2 mates that both have well’s metal mrt’s. Ones stock and ones heavily modified.

Comparing the stock one to the xyl, and at the same distance (maybe 20m) the xyl was considerably more accurate.

The only gripe I have is mag cap. Can empty full clip, (primed and filled completely), in 12secs using the 7v battery

Ordered one of these the other day and just wondering what you guys think of the electronic blowback feature? Did you remove it on yours?

I think that was the first feature to go :slight_smile:

Can you access the two screws just from removing the upper?

Additionally, while I have the blaster open would it be worth using an adhesive to attach the barrel to t-piece or is the stock friction fit seal good enough?

My blaster will hopefully arrive early next week.

You can’t. It honestly doesn’t bother me, I close the dust cover after mag prime.

When I eventually pull it apart, I’m going to paint it silver.

Btw, replace the screw in the buffer tube, it’s way big and gets in the way of battery fitment. It’s like a big thumb screw. Even just taking it back 10mm, turnigy battery fits fine

Have you tested the stock barrel to t-piece seal?

Yeah, it was lose. I know it’s not the correct way, but a bit of superglue on it and it’s held up well so far.

Just ordered a new t-piece last night, plan to run 7.3mm inner dia barrel.

Have access to a lathe, and have an ausgel 10/7.3mm that I’ll get knocked down to 9.5/7.3mm

Tried one of those thread-on hopups at all?

I have a set of sweet heat hop ups, which in need to machine the outer barrel to fit

I haven’t had a chance to take it over and get the machine work done. Everyone’s busy atm, mates home all week, works weekends, I’m opposite.

The plan is to machine up everything I need to run the sweetheart hopup and an acetech lighterBT

From there, when I have time, build gearbox, m100 spring, and gate warfet

I don’t really have any intention of running glow so I ordered one of these hopups for the stock barrel

Cool. Shame they are kinda ugly and the ones I’ve seen were 3D prints.

Yeah, my builds been aimed at night games which were the only times me and my mates were able to get out when we started looking into this

I’m just going to run a light since I’ll be recording anyway and the camera needs light

Cool. Let me know when and where your playing, you’ll be an easy target ;p

I have a torch on mine as well. Still need to be able to see. The tracer makes sure that your rounds are on target. And they look sooo damn cool. Looks like a pulse laser even are 7v


My current front end

image image

If I wanted to go full stealth I’m sure I could adapt this to sit alongside my red dot